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San Bernardino Pass, Switzerland

By on Aug 27, 2014

If you like the country and are looking for one of the most beautiful and amazingly smooth pass, this is the right choice to come here. This pass is located in the Swiss Alp’s center. So since the path is smooth, many drivers come here to enjoy the ride as well as to enjoy the views that create a good impact on the driver.

This road has been rated 5 out of 5 for being the good experience overall. The major attraction is the Road surface and the beautiful scenery. There is a Citroen which is having a way down to rally which is located near Lake Maggiore. The best way to go to this place is using the south route. The reason is that this route contains some amazing valleys of the Switzerland. One of them is the semolina. The south of the Swiss Alps contains the Canron Ticino. It is Italian word. The reason of this word is that the architecture done in this amazing village is pretty much similar to the architecture in Italy. This route will also take you through some amazingly beautiful valleys of the place which will make you become astonished and stunned for some time. The beauty and greenery of these valleys are a must see and they are really clean and well managed by nature.

Before reaching to the San Bernardino, there would be some initial rise which would be consisting of the wide and winding sweaty turns. The road here too, is incredible and so smooth like silk. The alpine trees surround the entire road and stay in one big line, together which give great impact and the weather also stays moderate at this place even at summer. The air here is fresher and one can truly gain some piece of mind here while driving. The gradient here at this road is also pretty low. It’s only 5-8%. So it’s basically a pretty amazing scenic run. Several deserted castles would also be passed by on the way and one can make some stop there to oversee the art and the structure more carefully. These castles are the proof that this village has held a very strong position in the past, when it came to trading. The reason was, that this village was a great trading center and a great route between and south and the north of the Europe.

When someone reaches the final village, here they should sit down for a while and taste the delicious coffee that this village offers. There are several good café which offer delicious mocha and some great resting points for the people who come here from far off places. When the driver makes a rise to 1800m or above, the stretch of the pass becomes more amazing and astonishing and in simple words, just too beautiful! The switchbacks are the great stretches and there are some small waterfalls, rocks, streams in the abundant area. One can fall in love with tis point pretty quickly and would like to come to visit this magnificent place again and again.

The roads look like pretty much an open expanse. The roads here are never even drowsy and the road is pretty wide and open for all those drivers who love driving and watching some beautiful views. The coming down route can become bit dramatic since it would become tighter, but the tightness and the twists won’t ruin the joy that you would get by driving at this place. So if someone wants to go to Italy from Switzerland, this road is really amazing since they can grab some amazing views as well.

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