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Trollstigen, Norway

By on Sep 04, 2014

This road is what a driver can dream of. With some amazing scenic views, the road can lead the driver to several places. The road is pretty amazing and the beautiful view is what keeps the drivers engaged in driving and sometimes it’s hard to concentrate on driving. This mountain pass is one of the true master pieces of nature.

This amazing road leads the way to go to the mountain pass using the national route 63. This route exists between the Andalsnes and the south of Valldal. The road might follow some deep and steep climbs. When the Stigrora road is passed, the water fall comes which gives such amazing views. One can make stop here to drink some nature’s pure water or even enjoy the cold water. Built in winters it mightn’t be good idea since the water would be freezing. There is the road which is pretty well carpeted. The reason behind is, that this road is specially designed for the cars.

The curves here are not too dangerous so one doesn’t have to worry about it that much, but still they should be worrying a bit since the slopes can become deep sometimes. This beautiful road was actually pretty ancient oath famous for horses and hiking’s. That path is called Klovstigen. Someone can see the trails of the path as the some of the part is still visible. The amazing road took around 10 years of construction. That’s what it’s paid for and it’s worth it. The drivers can enjoy driving here with ease and convenience while making stops at many natural points to grab some amazing views. The road is so beautiful but while making the stops, because one might find some snakes wandering around here across the road.

This amazing area around this path is also known as Romsdal Alps. The western edge of this valley contains 3 summits. They are Bishop, Queen and the King. They are part of the amazing experience of the Trollstigen. The eastern side prides a visible image of the summit so one can go there to watch it and while enjoying the views. This place is famous in the Europe for being one of the amazing rocks’s faced climbing. One shouldn’t try the climbing there without any proper guidance to the experience. One should also be very careful when its wet since there can be come moss covered cliffs there as well which can become a problem. The skiing is also there in the May or June. If behind this mountain, one continues to climb, he will reach the place which is considered as the highest point here. That point is only a few kilo meters away. There one can see two beautiful mountains having the valley one of the valleys is in the south and another is in east. The route 63 actually moves towards the Valldal’s small community.

As mentioned above, the route is closed when it is winters. The same reasons as other routes have, apply there. The snow causes the route to get closed since the roads become blocked and one cannot pass the area, one should use low gears while coming down towards the hills and they should use the engine of the car. Because if they dint do so, the breaks would become over heated and then there can be some unfortunate accidents.

Towards south, one can join another beautiful place through car. It’s called Geiranger. The public transport here is limited so its advices to being the own car or other transportation vehicle. This place is amazing which provides great driving experience and some really unforgettable views.

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