» » Millau Viaduct Bridge, River Tarn, France

Millau Viaduct Bridge, River Tarn, France

By on Aug 23, 2014

This amazing piece of art and work is actually a bridge, a bridge type road which is located in France. This is the tallest bridge in the world and it is a cable style bridge which is used as the road. It is standing over the beautiful valley which is of Tran’s river and in located in southern of the France.

This bridge was designed by an amazing French architect. The tallest bridge has the height of around 343 meters. This amazing bridge is also ranked as 12th when it comes to the tallest bridges in world. The bridge is so beautiful and the distance that it covers is 2460 m. The bridge was developed to establish the connections between the north and the south. Paris is proud to hold this bridge since it is great attraction for many of those who love driving while enjoying some amazingly scenic views.

The bridge was constructed after the hard work of 17 years. For this whole time several designs and ideas were presented and rejected and then the construction started and this masterpiece got developed. The bridge’s plan was discussed in 1987 and then in October 1991, it was decided that such amazing bridge will be created. This bridge is also above the cross of the Tarn River.

In the 2001, the first stone was placed there to show the will to construct this bridge. The first of the piers started rising around 2002. Finally, the opening was made for the public in December of 2004. Since then, it was featured on National geographic as well. The bridge is the center of attention of many tourists who come from far off places just to see this amazing bridge. The village that this bridge resides over has the population of around 22 thousand people. There has been established additional 2 tourist’s office so the more appropriate guidance can be provided to the tourists. This place is heavily visited by tourists. The road is so smooth and one would live driving here.

When it is foggy, it seems like that bridge is standing over the clouds and we are driving within them. Millau once was so famous for the leather manufacturing as well. Even now, it is a good shopping Centre where one can buy some leather products, like leather boots and gloves so one can make a stop here not for the fuels, but for shopping as well since the genuine leather can be found here. Also, there are several hand are items which are sold. The price of these gloves will start from 35 Euro, which is the right one since such customized and handmade leather is pretty difficult to find anywhere. The designs are so in fashion and sometimes pretty extra ordinary, so they are the souvenirs of this place and one can buy them for himself or the family. Also, the village offers some good food with the Italian taste and if you are into pasta, this is the heavenly place for you.

Here, once can also look for the Millau Museum. It contains a section which describes about the making of leather. Also, the art of glove making is presented here. Now when coming from the bridge, one can make stop from both sides at the village. There is an exhibition Centre too, which amuses both the locals and the foreigners. Also, if you are into heights and want to have a through view or want to see the amazing bridge from a different angel, there is the viewing point here. It’s at distance of 30 minutes of walk. Also, there are many benches here so one should stop and take some breath here while watching this breath taking view.

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