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Col De Turini - Scenic Driving Road

By on Jul 28, 2014

This is the road which is located at heart of France. The road is pretty smooth with some twists which are not that hazardous since the turns are not that sharp. The road is around 5272ft above the sea level. The location of this beautiful pass is near Sospel.

Some of the turns here are pretty good but some of them are like hairpin. This winds up at the sides of big mountains. This place has been famous since a long time due to the beautiful views it provides to the drivers and a really nice weather. This road been also featured in the Tour de France various times. To reach the amazing summit, one can adopt 3 ways. First one is from the D 2565. Here the length of road is around 15.3km. The height meters over this distance that is gained is the 1107 meters. The average percentage there is 7.2%. Another one is, the L’Escarene. There the length is 30.2km. The gain would be of 1532 height meters and the percentage would be 5.1%. Third and last one is the Sospel. This length is around24km and it pretty long, like the second route. Here the gained height meters would be 1244. The percentage would be counted at 5.2%.

Normally when someone comes here, he will find the road being opened most of the year. It gets closed only in winters when the snow fall is heavy and the whole area is covered in snow. The snow can not only create resistance, but can also actually block the roads and it has to be then cleaned by the authorities. Plus driving or riding a bike here in winters is a risk which isn’t worth taking since one can wait for some time to come back to this point again. Also the most amazing attraction of this place is the greenery and hence in winters that would be covered through the snow too, so it’s better to come in summer, autumn or spring season.

In spring, the area becomes covered with so many flowers and one can truly enjoy the nature there while driving. Here is a road which is the most dangerous road here. It’s called the Helter Skelter Road. This road contains some Monte Curio Rally’s dangerous challenges. There are 34 of the tight hairpins which would bring some challenge tote driver and the scenery here is so amazing that it would make someone fall in love with it. The Col road has another reason to be famous too. This road is one of the amazingly famous roads for the cycling since the road is full of challenges and it is so cool. The road closures would be much frequent in the winters, so if someone is interested in going there during winters, he would check the weather conditions at internet before leaving the hotel. The drive here is really amazing and is worth coming.

The views while driving provide some deep affection for this place and one can’t stay without admiring this amazing view. The driving route has had a history since many of the rally drivers have used this road as the place where they used to practice their driving. So even now too, many rally drivers come here to show off their splined driving skills. Even the amazing drivers like McCrae, Solberg, and Therierm Delecour etc. are only a few of those drivers who got into problem while showing off their skills here. So, one should actually be careful and shouldn’t drive fast here because if professionals can have trouble, the normal drive can have trouble as well.

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