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Transfagarasan, Romania

By on Sep 01, 2014

This amazing road was built around 1970 to 1974. The military forced themselves to build this road. This route was strategic one declared by the Nicolai Ceausescu after the invasion done by the Czechoslovakia in 1968.

This route was built to get some access to the other side of the mountains where the Soviets armies were planning to make an attempt towards Romania. The dynamite of total 600 tons was used by the builders to cave a path for the forces and the road is located on the mountain’s north side. During the construction of this amazing tunnel, around 40 of the soldiers pass away due to explosions. This road is also named as the 7C road. It is considered as the national road due to great importance in history it has. This amazing road is pretty amazing and has been listed as a spectacular one in the world. The total length of that road is 90km and the road’s location is in Romania. This road is the part of Transylvanian Alps and it is carpeted between the Fagawas Mountains. This road is also a source of connection among the Mantinea and the Transylvania.

After going towards the highest point, this road then follows valley Argea River. Then it ends to the Olt Valley. The road contains many hairpin turns which become a challenge for the drivers, so the drive here is full of thrill and excitement. The maximum speed a person can have there is only 40 km per hour. When its winters, the road is closed since it becomes blocked due to the heavy snow fall. These winters seasons start in October and stays till June. Sometimes the snow fall is too heavy that the road stays closed till November as well. So before going there, one should always make sure to check out the time and the weather condition which would be faced there.

There are several tunnels here as well. This is the single road which contains most of the tunnels in whole Romanian Area. Near Bale lac, there is a highest point of this area. This is the longest tunnel found in Romania. The connection between Walachia and the Transylvania is established through this tunnel. Also, the road has been described as best by the host of the TV show Top Gear. The road is full of mountain slopes as well. If one moves toward the Transfagarasan he will find some slop on the mountain. A very typical one can be seen with some landscape and the alpine meadows and ofcourse, some pine trees as well. Since the road isn’t smooth here so it’s damaged. One can find some stones on the road and holes in the road, so one should be careful here.

After one is done travelling through the beautiful Capataneni, which is the last village, one can find the sign towards the Poenari castle. This place has been the property which was held by the Vald III. Vald got this name since he used to establish adult relations, lie and torture the people. This man also educated this people that stealing won’t be bearded and hence killed them if they did. When looked above the mountains, one can see the fort where he resides and it’s on top of a remote cliff which is pretty high. There are total 1480 stairs between you and that place. Even though it’s tiring but the place is worth visiting. Here another man made thing can be seen, which is a reservoir. This is a lake named as Vidraru. This dam has length of 305 meters and the amount of water it can contain is around 465 cm. So, one can visit this place since the weather is really amazing and the water is really cold here.

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