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Lysebotn Road - Scenic Driving Road

By on Aug 06, 2014

Lysebotn road is located near the Forsand village. This tiny village is located at Lysefjord’s end. The country of origin is the Regaled, Norway. The place is beautiful and each year, around 100,000 tourists come here to see this place. Also, for Preikestolen and the Kjerag, this place serves as he BASE jump access point.

Here, one will also find some boats and the cruises which would be offering to take people to Stavanger from the Skagenkaien. Also, the destination can begin from the Forsand and Lauvvik as well. The boat or the cruise will pass under the Preikestolen.

The cliffs here are pretty high. While going through Lysebotn, one can also get access to the Lysebotnvegen road, which is the main route to the good cliff point, which is named Kjerag. In winters the place is covered with ice so for the safety for people, this place is closed. But this place is opened again and summer when the ice is gone and safety issues are not faced anymore.

If one continues keep driving to the Sirdal, he would be facing some hairpin turns. The total number of these turns is 27. He will then find himself at the fjord wall, which is 29 km away. This village is a true beauty and one can make a stay here to get his car refueled and can rest and buy food etc. This road was opened for the public in year 1984. The highest point of this road is the 932m; this is above sea’s level. Oygardstolen is located at the top of this amazing place and one can also find a parking lot. Here one can again make some stops to gather some services and food for his further trip and to get him refreshed.

Lysebotn is also the home for the Lyse Chapel. This amazing chapel got constructed and started operation in year 1961. The chapel is of great importance for the Catholics since many locals come here. The Labrsebotn once had a school and now it has ruined. But for drivers, this is nothing to get worried about since there are many tourists cabin and some motels which would offer breakfast in bed services. This can reduce tiredness if one has drove without any break or is with his family, A stop should surely be made stay here and to enjoy those services.

The summer becomes the very interesting season. In that season, people conduct many activities and there are many kayak tours which are held. For each tour there is a guide and they ensure the safety of the people and make sure that people can get to know the place and the history very well. Also, if someone wants to get back to the Lyseheiance, one can follow some trails head which are present on this road. These are easy to access by the car since the road is good and the danger level is not too high. Here, there is an electricity station and it’s called Lyse Power. This place is responsible for generating hydroelectricity. Since the water is available here in much quantity, so people do not have to face load management and the area is self-standing when it comes to electricity production.

The lakes here are really amazing. One can sit beside one and can ask the shops for the cooked fish. They will catch it and will present it fresh as it’s hot. The driving routes here are pretty safe and if someone faces some unfortunate mishap like a flat tire, a help can always be called from the nearby villages as the villagers here are pretty friendly.

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