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Airport, Belp, 3123 (Switzerland)
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Bern, the great capital of Switzerland and a town that was named after a wild animal found in a nearby forest. It is home to some of the world’s epic attractions and is served by Bern Airport located within the city. If you don’t already have a tourist destination to visit yet, then pack your bags and be on the next flight to Europe!

At the airport, you can rent a car for an affordable price, from one of the many rental companies operating offices at the terminal. There are plenty of hotels and accommodation facilities in the town plus lots of shopping areas and eateries.


You don’t have to wander far from Bern Airport to begin to spot some major attractions. One of the beautiful monuments you will discover in the city belongs to the state and is where state sittings are conducted. There are many other attractions within the city and beyond; with a rental car, you are fully ready to discover many of them.

  • The Federal Palace - the main legislative unit of the Country and also a favorite attraction thanks to its pristine designs. The Federal Palace is always open to public unless when Parliament is in session. When you get the chance, hop inside and explore the lavish interior that is equally tasteful designed like the outside.
  • The Status Old Town - this town may be ancient but it received World Heritage recognition because of its sheer beauty. The streets are cobble-decorated with fountains sprouting in different places and colorful arcades to shop in. The town is set on a blissful background of turquoise waters courtesy of the Aare River. A Street it may be, but it is heaven on earth.
  • Kunst Museum - if you love culture, the Kunst Museum houses a number of art pieces that showcase the mores of both ancient and urbane Switzerland. In this museum you will catch up the great traditions and past life of Bern plus discover the early life of Albert Einstein, a well known resident then.
  • Bernmunster - the town’s main cathedral. It has a 330 foot tower holding a massive church bell. Besides the immaculate tower, the inside is filled with high end carvings and a rose garden on the outside. It’s a short drive in your Bern Airport car rental and the time spent in the cathedral is worth your time.

Before you drive back to Bern Airport, you will have fully appreciated the meticulous nature of the Swiss and their attention-to-detail habit in everything they do.

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