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Patagonia : A Trekker's Paradise

By on Oct 21, 2014

The earth is beautiful in so many ways. There are places so serene that you can hear the bustle of insects as they go about their daily lives. There are places so majestic that it would seem gods lived there. Patagonia is a perfect mixture of all the places we can call beautiful.

Patagonia is a mountainous region in South America straddled by Argentina and Chile. The whole region is filled with tourist attractions such as rugged mountainous terrains, tranquil bodies of water, Glaciers, and magnificent architecture. It would take weeks, if not months, to explore all that Patagonia has to offer.

Your first step in exploring Patagonia is to decide where to start. A part of the region is with Chile, and the other is a part Argentina. Both areas offer breathtaking sceneries, so it could be difficult to decide which location to explore first.

Perito Moreno Glacier

Go on a Tour

Exploring Patagonia on your own with just a backpack over your shoulder would definitely be an adventure. However, if it will be your first time to visit, you probably won’t have a clue on where to start and might end up wasting a lot of valuable time.

If you want to get the most out of your trip, it would be better to join one of the tours being offered by different tour operators. They know exactly where to take you and how to keep you safe during the trip.

Patagonia tours can last from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the places you want to visit. For instance, a hiking and trekking tour package can last for 15 days and will take you through the wilderness of Argentine Patagonia and then on to the Chilean side of the region. A hike through the glaciers can last from 4 days to a week where you’ll get to experience the glory and power of nature.

If you decide on joining tours organized by tour operators, it is best to purchase a package from a well-known and trusted operator in the region.

What to Avoid in Patagonia

Going on hiking tours can be quite an adventure, but you would definitely want to come through unscathed. Keep in mind that Patagonia has some of the world’s most rugged terrains. Although they may look peaceful and beautiful from a distance, it’s a whole different story when you get up close and personal with the mountains and wildlife in the area.

Trekking Perito Moreno Glacier

One of the reasons why you should join a tour group, if it’s your first time to explore the region, is to ensure your safety. The tour operators can teach you some of the basic and advanced techniques of trekking through the wilderness – information that you will definitely need when you go out on your own. Avoid getting separated from your tour group, especially in remote locations.

Another thing to avoid is getting too much sun. Patagonia is one of the locations where scientists claim to have a big hole in the ozone layer. Since you’ll be trekking you can expect to be in the sun most of the time, so make sure you have enough clothing and some sunscreen to protect exposed areas of your skin.

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