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Palese, Serviced By Europcar, Bari, 70128 (Italy)
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Porto (6.6 km)
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Car Hire Bari Airport

Bari is the second largest city in the south of Italy and the capital of the Apulia region, standing proudly on the coast of Adriatic Sea. With new foreign visitors on holiday vacations and important business trips constantly flowing in through Bari Airport, the city houses the region's busiest harbors and commercial districts.

European cities offer more than 40 cheap plane flights to the Bari Airport, but that's only the first part of solving your transportation issues. Once in Italy, you will face a choice between using the cheap, but cumbersome public transport, costly 30-euro taxi rides, a train that will only take you to several isolated locations or car hire. The last option is definitely the most flexible and cost-effective choice if you're planning to stay in Bari for longer than a couple of days. After you take care of business and are ready to dive into the lively atmosphere of downtown city streets in Bari, you will be very happy about your choice of renting a car from us. Whether you decide to hit the noisiest places of southern Italy or fancy a relaxing evening at one of the recently opened restaurants in the old town, car hire will take you there faster than any of the publicly available transportation options.

Your journey through an Italian city such as Bari won't be complete without at least a short visit to its beautiful and historically significant medieval quarter. Located a car ride from the Bari Airport, Bari's old town is known to the locals by the name of "Bari Vecchia" (literally, the old Bari). Previously a little know tourism destination, it is now gaining regard as one of the historically important locations in Italy.

The grand look of ancient medieval buildings and Romanic churches, mixed with Roman architecture style, is a sight to behold. Church of Saint Gregory, Basilica of Saint Nicholas, Palazzo del Catapano and Cathedral of Saint Sabino are among the most beautiful buildings of southern Italy, even if they are not as famous as churches in Rome. Visitors who don't have a car or too much time to spend on exploring these Italian tourist attractions will benefit from the car hire services offered by our website.

Quality of service and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of car hire options offered at our website. Car choices include luxury cars, SUVs, convertibles and minivans. Booking car hire at our website before flying out to the Bari Airport will solve your problem with transportation and save you money on rental costs at the same time. In exchange for a moderate payment, you will be handed the car keys on your way out from the Bari Airport.

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