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Airport Costa Smeralda, Rent A Car Area, Olbia, 07026 (Italy)
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Olbia (3.8 km)
07026, Sardenga
Porto Rotondo (14.2 km)
Porto Rotondo, 07026
Porto Rotondo (14.6 km)
Via Sardegna, 89, San Teodoro, Italy, It, Sassari
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Car Hire Olbia Airport

Sardinia Olbia is a town in Italy that happens to be located on the main link between Sardinia and the Italian mainland. Sardinia Olbia Airport is the main regional destination for air flight passengers flocking to the country, as well as a known location to find the best deals for car hire. Even your time in Italy will be limited and money to you is not something to be taken lightly, our website will help you find the best rental cars in the town at affordable fees. As for the sights that you can behold in Sardinia Olbia, the main chunk of tourist attractions there is made up of the Romanesque former cathedral of San Simplicio, the medieval Church of St. Paul Apostle and, of course, the National Archaeology Museum in Italy. Once you visit any of these locations, you will once again be happy about choosing opting for our car hire option at Olbia Airport.

Other important destinations that can be reached from Sardinia Olbia Airport by car include the passenger port Olbia-Isola Bianca, the railway between Sardinia Olbia and Porto Torres, as well as an express going to Nuoro and Cagliari. The national roads of Italy that are going to take you there are called Sassari (SS199-E840), Tempio Pausania (SS127) and Palau (SS125).

The massive complex of Sardinia Olbia Airport is set apart from the town of Sardinia Olbia by a short 10-minute car ride. If you don't mind a longer ride for longer reach into the outlying territories' destinations, you can drive down to the largely isolated island of Sardinia. Having chosen car hire as you means of transportation around Italy, you will not be disappointed by how much you can see in a single day of your visit in Sardinia Olbia and its neighboring areas. Another 30-minute car ride can bring you to Porto Rotondo with its beautiful sights at the steep cliffs surrounding the town from multiple directions. A small way down the coast will bring you to Porto Cervo, another relaxing place to stay at. With its pleasant beaches and warm waters at Liscia Ruja, your choice to rent a car will end up having brought you endless joy from exploring parts of Italy you might not have known even existed.

Once the trip is over, you can let your experience and the vast Sardinian sightseeing experience settle in your mind while you enjoy a couple of pleasant meals from the local cuisine. If this is the plan you'd like to come to life on your next visit to Sardinia Olbia Airport, take advantage of our website's most suitable car hire offers for brand new and reliable rentals.

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