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Cagliari Airport Car Hire Quote

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Elmas, 09034, Sardegna (Italy)
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Train Station (3.4 km)
Close To Hotel Sardegna, 09122
Close To Hotel Sardegna, 09122
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Car Hire Cagliari Airport

Cagliari Airport, locally known as Aeroporto Mario Mameli is very near Calgiari town. After landing at Cagliari Airport, you will most definitely need a car hire to get you to your hotel because the airport itself does not have too many attractions. For instance, there is no restaurant and so if you are hungry you do need to get to a restaurant off the airport. Getting a car hire will help you to move around more easily and is more convenient.

Cagliari Airport is the main departure point for travelers to other parts of Italy and the world. No matter where you wish to go next, it is most likely that a direct flight will be available from Cagliari Airport. In addition, its proximity to the island of Sardinia makes it a favorite landing point for international holiday makers. The island of Sardinia is a popular holiday destination thus the airport becomes extremely busy at certain times of the year. Moreover, very many airlines have dedicated direct flights from Calgiari to Sardinia and your holiday can continue there if you like.

One way to make the most of your holiday by having a car hire to take you around the places you want to see. Car hire services can be accessed at the airport provided you have a valid driving license. Another requirement is that you be above 21years in order to hire a car. However, there is also the option of booking and making arrangements for car hire o the internet before your arrival. In order to get the best car hire you need to walk around the terminals to compare services.

Using car hire service at the airport is convenient since one can be able to determine the best offers going at the time. While there are buses available, none can offer you even half the convenience you get from having a car to drive you around. Make arrangements to have your car hire waiting for you at the Cagliari Airport. This way, you can be sure to get into the main town within 10 minutes unless you wish to stop at the airport. Cagliari Airport offers comfort and convenience to passengers and is even more so after the upgrade. Though one cannot have a five star experience, there are cafes that do serve snacks throughout the day.

It is important to use car hire services only from reliable car rental companies located at the Cagliari Airport. If unsure, one can consult the airport help desk to give them a recommendation. It is also important to ensure that you understand the terms while you are signing the car hire forms and follow them as agreed. With a reliable car hire, you can drive back and park at the departures section where the car will be picked up.

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