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Car Return: Via Giolitti 267, Via Giolitti, 34, Roma, 00185 (Italy)
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Car Hire Rome Train Station

Renting a car is not hard, especially upon arrival at the Rome Train Station. Yet, you need to be absolutely ready to deal with any kind of uncertain situation. If the rental car were to break down, you need to park on the right side, and get out of the asphalt. Lift the hood and place the warning signs. Fortunately, top companies offer insurance for your journey. This is why you need to make sure you check the coverage that will be provided, it is all about adequate assistance. Remember that tiredness and fatigue are the worst enemies of anyone driving a car. If you are sleepy or tired, rest and then proceed.

Inform a family member or trusted person of the car rental company, where are you going and where you will be staying in Rome. Of course, you should leave your house doors and windows tightly closed. If you go for several days, low light switch, and close the water and gas. Ask someone you trust to pick up the newspaper and mail so nobody will notice your absence. If your house has a garden, shrubs and flowers on the outside, get someone to cut the grass and shrubs and flowers watered, giving the appearance of maintenance and familiar presence.

Remember that when traveling abroad, it is always better to bring along copies of your passport and visa, the numbers of your credit cards, to report them if lost or stolen. When on the road you find people with problems, breakdowns or accidents and if there anything that seems suspicious, do not you just stop, get help by phone. Do not carry large amounts of cash. It is best to use checks or credit cards. Make sure you don’t carry any weapon or substances that may damage the vehicle.

All in all, there are several factors that you need to consider. Try to optimize the use of gas when you rent a car. If you have a tight budget, you can still find a suitable rental model. Moreover, here are some tips to optimize gas in your car. Start the engine of the car without stepping on the accelerator, it is not necessary. If you rent a car or other vehicle with a diesel engine, wait a few seconds before starting the march. If you stop more than 60 seconds, turn off the engine. Begin driving immediately after starting the engine; this will just consume gasoline unnecessarily.

In short, select the ultimate car hire agency at the Rome Train Station. To keep the car's speed as uniform as possible, avoid braking, acceleration and gear changes unnecessary, saving energy. If needed, brake the car smoothly with the brake pedal, and slow down as late as possible.

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