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Via Noalese, 63, Treviso, 31100 (Italy)
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Downtown (5.9 km)
Quinto Di, 31055
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Car Hire Treviso Airport

Treviso is a city and commune located in the northern region of Italy. It's the capital city of the province know by the same name and has slightly more than 80,000 people living within its immediate borders. De'Longhi, Pinarello and Benetton are all headquartered in Treviso.

Treviso Airport, known officially as Treviso-Sant'Angelo Airport in Italy, is only a 3-kilometer car ride away from the downtown area of Treviso. It serves air flights throughout the Europe through airline companies such as Germanwings, Ryanair, Transavia, Wizz Air and Wizz Air Ukraine. To navigate back to or away from the airport, you'll need to choose on of the city's transportation options. Public transport such as buses, taxis and trains are popular enough to easily bring tourists and locals from point A to point B, as long as someone else decides what those points are for you.

If what to break free from the limitations of public transport of Italy, consider using one of the car hire facilities in Treviso Airport. Not only will you have the option to choose exactly where to go, stop or stay for a longer period of time, the rental car will be available for use to you 24/7, allowing to take advantage of all the nightlife-oriented establishments in Treviso without having to pay expensive taxi fares. Once you possess a rented car, even the 20-kilometer drive from Treviso Airport to Venice won't seem like a problem. Car hire locations are abundant there, both inside and near Treviso Airport. Most of them offer very reliable vehicles, but if you choose to rent a car at the last moment after arriving to Italy by plane, there can be problems with availability and price.

To prevent this, use our website to book for car hire in Treviso Airport ahead of time, just as you would do with your airplane tickets. That way, the renting company will have enough time to prepare your order and deliver you the car model of your choice on the assigned date and in perfect condition. It's one of the easiest and most reliable ways to reduce your expenses on car hire in Italy, and you can use it on our website for free.

There won't be any extra troubles or convoluted procedures to go through one you arrive to Treviso Airport for your car. After a brief talk with the manager and a quick look at the car, you will be asked to sign some papers and immediately given the car for use around the whole Italy. You will save the time spent waiting in lines and the frustration of not being able to choose a car model you were planning to rent.

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