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Nuremberg Airport Car Hire Quote

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Arrivalhall, Nuernberg, 90411 (Germany)
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Car Hire Nuremberg Airport

Among the most busiest airports of Europe, the Nuremberg Airport of Germany has its own significance. This airport is the focus point for the Germany’s second largest airline, Air Berlin. It is also the second largest and busiest airport at Bavaria. The airport’s location is in the south of the main city at a distance of about 5 km. For the travelers and tourists, this airport has always been a good option in Germany. This was also the Germany’s first airport. It was established after the world war II and inaugurated in 1955.

The airport has the capacity to handle over 4 million passengers per year. It has been ranked 10th among all the German airports and offers its services 24 hours a day. It contains 2700 by 45 m broad and large runway which is kept to be renovated gradually and regularly. Further ,this airport is made equipped with parking spaces for both planes and cars. There are two terminals for passengers’ departure and one for their arrival. The overall construction of the airport embedded in itself the use of steel with glass and its design was formulated by two regional building designers Grabow and Hoffmann. The designing seems quite elegant especially when exposed to lighting. The eye catching control tower at top of the Airport is considered as the architectural and distinctive symbol for the airport. This was designed by Günther Behnisch.

The airport is easily approachable by a nearby motorway. A bus portal is also located mainly in terminal 1.Furthermore,taxi and car rental services are also accessible for convenient and fast movement. There is a parking facility inside the airport with over 9000 spaces. In addition there secured parking lots can also be found in proximity to terminals for making parking easy and secure for the airport users. Airport management also provides additional and enhanced services, like facility for car washing, maintenance or refueling, safety measures for passengers’ luggage and security .In future, travelers will find it a more developed airport because of management efforts for further improvisation.

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