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Altenburg Nobitz Airport Car Hire Quote

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Am Flugplatz 1 Delivery+coll. For Flightplane, Altenburg Nobitz, 04603 (Germany)
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Altenburg (6.0 km)
Gegenueber Busstation, Altenburg, 04600
Meerane (15.3 km)
Seat Autohaus Huster Gmbh, Meerane, 08393
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Car Hire Altenburg Nobitz Airport

Are you a world traveler? Do you like visiting European cities and destinations? Well, visit Altenburg.

Altenburg is a town in Thuringia, Germany. The city serves as the capital of the Altenburger Land district. The town was probably founded in the middle tenth century, A.D. Slavic remains of a castle, possibly establish Altenburg as a Slavic settlement. Altenburg was a city famous for salt trade. The town’s road and location near Halle and Cheb in Bohemia elevated Altenburg to economic importance. A castle was built underneath the present day St. Bartholomai Church. But, the castle was destroyed in the Battle of Hohenmolsen which occurred between Henry IV and Rudolph of Swabia. The castle was built outside of Altenburg, on the Schloßberg. Much later, the castle became important in the German takeover and settlement between the Harz-mountains and the Elbe. Altenburg was an important city for the Germans during World War II. Several concentration camps, including subcamps of the Buchenwald concentration camp were located in Altenburg. Jewish prisoners were held at these camps. Many of them died as a result of the forced labor, starvation, and inhumane treatment at these camps. Currently, about 40,000 people live in Altenburg.

Some sights to see if you are in Altenburg are Altenburg’s town hall, which is known as an important German Renaissance building. The Lindenau Museum, located in the Bernhard August von Lindenau palace is an important museum. Built in 1875, the museum has Italian paintings from the thirteenth through fifteenth centuries. If you are into science, there is a science museum called the Mauritianum. Altenburg, in the past, has produced playing cards. Altenburger Spielkartenfabrik was established in 1831. In addition, the Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur produces cars in Altenburger. In addition, mustard is produced in Altenburg by Altenburger Senf und Feinkost. You can get around Altenburg by car. You must have valid documentation in order to rent a car, such as your driver’s license, visa, and your passport.

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