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Frankfurt Train Station Car Hire Quote

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Im Hauptbahnhof/mietwagenzentr, Frankfurt Am Main, 60329 (Germany)
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Car Hire Frankfurt Train Station

While talking about the busiest train station in Frankfurt, around 350 thousand people use this train station every day. In the ranking of all the train stations in Germany, Frankfurt Station ranked second. It has 120 tracks in operation. Daily, 342 long-distance, and 290 regional trains are stopping.

Frankfurt Train Station is a popular entry point for tourists into the city of Frankfurt. Although, you can reach this city from several airports and also by rental cars, but people who like to enjoy the railway service of Germany prefer to enter Frankfurt through this station.

There are several means of transport that allow you to explore this city effectively as a tourist. These ways are including public transport, taxis, rental cars and bikes. However, a rental car is always the best choice, provided that you have a valid international driving license with you.

Things to Do

After exiting Frankfurt Train Station, you shouldn’t be worried about the things to do, because there are plenty of them. All you need to do is plan your days to visit as many places as you can, and do as many fun things you can do in your vacation days. It is because, in most of the cases, there are more fun things to do, and places to visit than your vacation duration.

  • Visit Historical Attractions - As you know that Frankfurt has good historic values and person visiting here must not miss visiting historical places of this city. Romerberg, Eiserner Steg, Dom, Hauptwache, Alte Oper, Borse, Schsenhausen, and Paulskirche are few buildings worth paying a visit.
  • Visit Museums - To know better the culture and history of Frankfurt visit its historical museums. Moreover, you can also visit Architektur Museum to see the architectural exhibits. Other than this, you will find several other art and science museum in the city.
  • Don’t miss visiting Skyline - Frankfurt has some of the tallest buildings in Europe, therefore, you must visit all the renowned modern art while visiting here. Main River Bridges, Main Tower, European Central Bank, and Henninger Turm are few buildings that are modern architectural wonders.
  • Other attractions - You can enjoy the Botanic Garden, Grueburgpark, and hundreds of other places to visit and make your trip memorable.

It is very easy to say that entering through Frankfurt Train Station in this magnificent city will open a paradise of fun for every age group of people.

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