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Paderborn Lippstadt Airport Car Hire Quote

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Flughafenstr. 33, Büren-ahden, 33142 (Germany)
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Büren (0.2 km)
Lindberghring 12, Büren, 33142
Paderborn lippstadt Airport, Bueren, 33142
Paderborn (14.0 km)
Paderborn, 33102
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Car Hire Paderborn Lippstadt Airport

Paderborn Lippstadt Airport is actually located in the city Buren and is about eighteen kilometer away from the main city. The city of Paderborn for its architecture, historical buildings and chapels. Paderborn also has some five star hotels for the tourists and the town is famous for its restaurants. So if you come, try a lot of restaurants as each one has its own specialty. Don't forget to hire a car from Lippstadt Airport, if you want to enjoy your tour without any hindrance.

Things to Do and Places to Visit

  • Bartholomaus chapel is one of the oldest chapels of the region, locals claim that this chapel was built in the 11th century. The architecture of this building suggests that it was constructed by the Greeks. This is one of the places that must not be missed while touring the city, as the tour to this chapel will take you to the eleventh century. Germans are famous for preserving their architecture and this is one of the examples of that. A guide will escort you through the building and don't forget to visit the nearby street for food as they serve the yummiest food in the town. If you want the liberty of moving around the city, then you need to hire a car from the Paderborn Lippstadt Airport.
  • People from all over Europe and United States visit this small town on holidays and are mesmerized by its architecture and rich history. World War II turned this town into a pile of rubble and only a single block was spared by the Jets. This single block still remains, and acts as a reminder of the War. Houses here are made up of timber and the most beautiful one is known as Adam and Eve house. This was the name given by locals, and the house was later on converted into a National museum, so this is a must visit place in the town. If you want to visit the place, then you must rent a car from Paderborn Lippstadt Airport.
  • The city has a lot of restaurants that claim to serve authentic German cuisine, so do give them a try and do check out the malls as well, as you might find something useful and cheap. You can do all this only if you have a vehicle of your own. So don't forget to hire a car from Paderborn Lippstadt Airport.
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