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Dresden Airport Car Hire Quote

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Wilhelmine-reichard-ring 1, Dresden, 01109 (Germany)
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Right Side "bahnhof Neustadt", 01097
Centre (8.6 km)
***open 24 Hour Every Day***, 01069
Train Station (9.4 km)
Am Hauptbahnhof 4, 01069
West (10.7 km)
C/o Sachsengarage Gmbh, Reisewitzer Strasse 82, 01159, Sn
Hauboldstrasse 5 An Der Zulassungsstelle, 01239
Freital (14.7 km)
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Car Hire Dresden Airport

The Dresden Airport is also known as the Flughafen Dresden Klotzche. This airport is in the Klotzche district, 9 kilometers north of Dresden. The airport is located in Germany and millions of passengers travel to and from this airport every single year. There are aviation services that are provided by this airport which make travelling quite efficient. This airport first became open to the public on July 11th, 1935. The features of this airport are that it has multi story car parking for people who want to leave their car in a safe parking place. Also there is a terminal building that is covered by glass and it adds an amazing look to the Dresden Airport.

You can find taxis twenty minutes away from the airport. The taxi fares range from €16 to €18. This is quite affordable and you will be able to get around easily. There are car rental services that you can choose from and they are usually found at the terminals of the airport. You can rent a car by showing your passport and valid driver’s license to the attendant at the desk. You will be able to choose from a range of cars and can pick the one that is affordable and suits your budget.

There is a lounge for you to relax at the airport and if you get hungry you can even buy some food at the food courts. There is a play area for children to have a fun time while waiting for their flight. The airport has free Wi-Fi Internet access for travelers so that they can browse the Web anytime they want. You should definitely consider visiting Germany and seeing the wonderful historical monuments. There is a lot to learn and the Dresden Airport is your first stop to your journey ahead.

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