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Papeete, 98713 (French Polynesia)
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Car Hire Papeete Airport

Papeete Airport is an international airport connecting Papeete city with the rest of the world. It is located around 5 km away from the center of the city. Another name of Papeete airport is Fa’a’a Airport due to its located near the Faaa district. Papeete is a capital city of French Polynesia, and the airport is the only international airport allowing international business community and visitors to enter this country.

The city is not very famous nore an extremely beautiful city to visit, but it is a typical industrial port and government center. It does have some Polynesian and French charm in this community. Moreover, it is not a very large city where you need a rental car to get around. Nevertheless, people get rental cars, if they need to explore tourist destination outside of the city. Alternative to this, you can also enjoy Le Trucks, taxis and the relative public transport system.

Things to Do

On leaving Papeete airport, you shouldn’t be very disappointed regarding the touristy destinations. You can enjoy quite a lot during your vacations in this city, especially if you have some plans to go little far away to explore some more.

  • City tour - As this city is small, but has almost 30 tourist attractions located in the downtown. Visiting there with a professional guide will increase the fun of your trip to downtown.
  • Waterfront esplanade - Recently this waterfront has been redeveloped and converted into a larger park. You can also see many carnivals like attractions along with several food points enhancing recreation for the visitors visiting this place.
  • Bougainville Park - It is another park in the city that allows many tourists to engage in various activities. Strolling in this park at afternoon and early in the morning is pleasing.
  • Territorial Assembly - It is one of the most spectacular place to visit in the modern government own infrastructure. Here you can also stopover a famous clubhouse of the Paul Gauguin.
  • Several other places - There are many other places you can visit during your stay. All are different from the historic and architectural perspective. Paofai Temple, Papeete Cathedral, and Presidence are few other buildings you must consider to visit.

Other than visiting above mentioned places, you can have lots of other fun after arriving at Papeete Airport. You can eat their traditional food in numerous restaurants. However, food is expensive in decent looking food places. However, if you choose some mediocre restaurants, you will get good quality food at very reasonable rates. All in all, visiting Papeete is not boring as it has gained an image of. You will surely get some lovely memories out of this city.

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