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Car Hire USA

The United States of America has so much to offer for its tourists and the best way to explore the country fully is to enjoy its roads and driveways with a rented car. From Times Square in the New York to the Mount Rushmore and the Floridian Everglades, tourists have ample choice to explore in the US, along with its exciting night life. There are numerous natural and manmade wonders in the country worth exploring and by booking a rental car from a secure agency, tourists gets all fit to explore American attractions as most of the locations are easily accessible by road.

Finding rental cars in the US

It is easy to find a vehicle lending agency in airports of Florida, New York, Los Angeles, Washington etc. and booking a car hire is also pretty simple with an online application and pre-booking. Exploring Washington DC the capital city of the US, located between the states of Virginia and Maryland with a secure car drive is even simpler. Tourists could also grab a look at the government of Capitol Hill, the National shrine, the Washington monument and other historic sites here, all at one stretch through car hire agencies located all over the country.

Major attractions in the US

Los Angeles is better known as the city of angels and is the most famous city in the world, many famous-to-be actors and musicians flock around this zone with a hope of being recognised by the Hollywood. World’s rich and famous people live in the suburbs of the Beverly Hills here and a hired car drive would expose the crew to the sunset Boulevard, the dodger’s stadium or help them watch baseball or a show in the Hollywood bowl.

New York is the destination for shopaholics; world class products are available here and there is scope for excellent snaps at the Times Square or tourists could stroll through the central park and visit the exhibition at the Museum of art. Big sports events are hosted by the city indeed such as the Football in the Giants stadium, Baseball in Bronx and could grab few looks at the Basketball game at the Manhattan.

Road trip in the US

The importance of a hired car would best be realized in California as it has a 90 mile dual lane highway winding along the coast of Carmel to the San Simeon. The entire trip takes about 4 hours and is filled with breath taking views of the state parks spread along the road. The hired car could be best used in the Grand Canyon National park which has about 277 miles along the Colorado River and has carved out a canyon for about six million years now. Some of the rocks exposed here are aged as that of the Earth itself.

Driving tips in the United States

When the hired car in used in the USA, a valid license should be used and it is important to check with the staff of the rental car agency to confirm with the state traffic rules. Right side driving is common in the US with the maximum speed limit of 110km/hr. Wearing of seat belts at all times is mandatory here.

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