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Dalcross, Dalcross, Inverness, Iv2 7jb (United Kingdom)
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Car Hire Inverness Airport

Situated at the Dalcross, Inverness Airport is basically an international airport that serves the Inverness city of the Highland Scotland region. It is located approximately 13 kilometers on the north eastern side of Inverness and serves as the major international gateway for the thousands of passengers seeking to get to the northern Scotland region. Ever since inception, the number of international passengers coming to the United Kingdom through this airport has been on an exponential increase.

It features various flight operations with a wider range of services that are specifically scheduled to serve the United Kingdom and some limited elements of that traversing the larger European continent. There are also some limited charter flights that run operations at this airport. They offer their services both within the UK and the wider Europe continent. Just so that you understand that this is truly an international status airport, it was able to serve about 581,956 passengers within the year 2011 alone.

The Inverness Airport is owned by HIAL which is also the organization that owns most of the airports that are located both within mainland Scotland and the other islands. The airport has got great historical significance in the United Kingdom since it was the major hub for the Royal Air Force during the Second World War. Civil operations at the airport commenced in the year 1947. It was until 1970 that British European Airways commenced its services at the airport. At that time, this was the major airline serving the UK at large. It worked out on most of the routes serving customers to and from many destinations within the UK.

In later years, more airlines would join the air operators in the airport. Today, Flybe is the most prominent airline that serves passengers at this airport, both domestic and international. The airport also acts as the flights hub for Highland and Islands flight network. Most people love to refer to this airport as being more of a public private partnership that was much favored by the United Kingdom during those days.

For the many years that the airport has been in operation, they have been able to diversify their service delivery and open up more doors for many international airlines. Some of the notable airlines that traverse the UK skies to this airport include Flybe, EasyJet, Hlevetic Airways, and Contact Air. Once you get to the UK from whichever region of the world, most definitely you would want to get some means through which you can move around the cities and appreciate the many tourist attraction features here. There are different transport solutions that you can avail right from outside the airport but car hire is the most recommended. There are still many shuttle buses that operate daily from the airport to the city centre but if you want to get some exceptional and more so, reliable services, car hire is the best option for you.

Most of the people who work for the car hire companies are natives. Therefore they understand the region best. If you want them to take you around the city so that you can appreciate it even more, they would me more than glad to be of service to you. There are many car hire companies here but Europcar is one of the most dependable ones. If you still want to get hotel and accommodation services, UK will never fail to offer you the kind of quality service that you are seeking.

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