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Cardiff International Airport, Cardiff, Cf62 3bd (United Kingdom)
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Car Hire Cardiff Airport

Cardiff Airport is an important airport that serves Cardiff and the other places like South, West and Mid Wales all of which are located within the United Kingdom. Ever since this airport was started, the number of passengers passing through this airport has been on an exponential increase. For instance, it registered 1.2 million as passenger counts in the year 2011.

The Cardiff Airport is located within the Rhoose village in Vale of Glamorgan about 19 kilometers from the city centre. This makes it quite easy to access the airport from the city centre and also get to the city centre from the airport. A well laid down network of roads and railway line links the airport to the different urban centers that border the airport.

This Cardiff Airport is owned by TBI private limited company. It also worth noting that this is the only airport in the United Kingdom that offers international schedule flights. Moreover, it is also served by low cost, scheduled and business chartered carriers. Some private customers and companies also run general aviation operations here. In the recent years, international flights have been increasing in the recent past. In most cases, international flights head to Ireland, Spain and Netherlands.

There are many international airlines running their flight operations through this airport. Some of them have even made this airport their base in the United Kingdom. Some of these airlines include Thomson Airways, Manx2, Flybe, and Thomas Cook Airlines. The largest airline operating in this airport is Flybe. The history of this airport extends far much back in the 1940s at the time when it was just a simple airport.

The commercial potential of the airport was realized in the 1950s. The number of international and domestic passengers that pass through this airport has also been on an exponential rise. This has been due to the opening up of the airport to many international destinations. More and more airlines have set base here. Some of the most prominent airlines include Aer Lingus, Air Malta, BH Air, Eastern Airways, Helvetic Airways, Flybe, KLM Cityhopper, Monarch Airlines, Thomas Cook airlines, Onur Air and Thompson Airways among a couple others.

Once you come to the UK through this airport, most definitely you would be seeking some ways through which you can travel around the UK and appreciate the many natural features and tourist attractions here. The best option for transport is through car hire. There are still shuttle bus services operating between the airport and the city centre on a daily basis.

If at all you are seeking reliable and more so exceptional transport services, car hire is an option that you cannot just choose to overlook. Most of the staffs are natives. Therefore, if you want to see some of the tourist attraction sites here, these are the staffs who can be a great help to you. Again, if you want to stay for the night, the car hire companies can still guide you in locating the best hotels in town.

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