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Bouguenais, 44340 (France)
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Car Hire Nantes Airport Brittany

Nantes Airport is one of the largest airports by volume of travellers in the west of France. Over the years, more and more people have been coming to France on buiness and even pleasure and the numbers are also reflected in Nantes volumes. Businesses that have set up their operations at the airport terminals allow their customers to access easy service while within the airport. Getting a car hire once at Nantes Airport is easy and a few minutes is all it takes. The car rental companies are located opposite the main terminal building.

The first thing to do even before the travel date is to find out about available car hire services. Many times, one can request for a car on arrival at Nantes Airport but at times, it is not possible to secure a car without prior booking. Moreover, once you arrive at the airport you should also know where you will stay. The car hire quotation should make clear a few things such as where you will pick up the car and where to return. Most of the time, all this is done at the airport at a designated car hire parking.

At the Nantes Airport; get ready to have the best time off your schedules. Starting with duty free shopping, get even more discounted offers while shopping or even at entertainment spots. Secure your fun with a small price by getting the now popular Nantes pass that is associated with flexibility and convenience. This gives you access to discounts and free stuff when moving around the area. You can visit the top attractions free of any further charge after obtaining the pass.

While you wait for your car hire at Nantes Airport, you can also access WiFi at an affordable fee. One does this by purchasing an access pass for a given period of time as required. Eat while enjoying the sea at popular seaside resorts just a short distance from Nantes Airport. Get away from the rush of daily stuff and drive to the Loire-Atlantique. This is the perfect place to unwind and get refreshed after a year of hard work. Enjoy the endless beaches, and the blue waters as you walk around in the sand. If you choose to go sight seeing, make sure you do not miss the wheat plantations and the woodlands.

If you like camping and have the right gear you will not mind sleeping at the airport and you can then look out for a comfortable spot out of sight. It is always advisable to make arrangements for your travel from the airport and accommodation on arrival. Late evening or night time arrivals however may leave the airport lounge as your best option.

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