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Montpellier Airport Car Hire Quote

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Mauguio, 34130 (France)
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Car Hire Montpellier Airport

The eight largest city in France and a capital of the Languedoc-Roussillon region, Montpellier is a unique gem located on the country's south cost. Unlike other large cities in France, Montpellier has no Roman or Gallo-Roman influence traceable in its architecture, or even the hints of Greek design features that are often present throughout the southern region of the country.

Montpellier Airport is located far from the main part of the city, prompting you to take a 2-euro bus ride or pay an even higher fee to a taxi driver. Of course, you can opt for car hire from one of the locally based companies in the Montpellier Airport, but that will require some time to find your way around and choose the best option. Things are made much easier by booking a rental car in advance using our car hire website.

From there on, things can only get better, as all routes leading from Montpellier Airport are well suited for light auto traffic and driving through them in your own rental car is a breeze. As you embark on your journey to the central part of town, you will be greeted with grand cultural places, inviting restaurants, colorful shopping centers, great spots for entertainment and lively city streets, similarly to all big cities in France, both during the day and at night. Moving between the outlying territories of Montpellier is only reasonable when you have a car, which fully makes up for the cost of making an advance reservation for car hire in Montpellier Airport. The closer you get to the city center, however, the harder it will be to move with no obstacles, culminating in a district-wide no-traffic zone, which allows no cars past its borders.

This might not seem convenient, but the overall experience from your visit to various city center locations on foot will actually improve because of it. In fact, the city is so compact that walking around or across it won't take you much time at all. The historic center houses a large number of hotels, all of which are comfortable and up to high standards of quality, comfort and style held by France. Traffic in the city center can get dense during daytime and street-side parking can become costly. To prevent your car hire costs from increasing, the Polygone shopping center in Montpellier provides possibly the most cost-effective way for drivers to leave their cars to be able to go about their unbothered by time restrictions.

Our website will recommend you some of the best car hire service options in France, with rental cars made available for you as soon as you leave the Montpellier Airport for the main city.

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