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La Rochelle Airport Car Hire Quote

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Rue Du Jura, La Rochelle Gare, La Rochelle, 17000 (France)
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Train Station (4.5 km)
La Rochelle (4.6 km)
166 Blvd Joffre, 17013
Rue Paul Couzinet, Rue Paul Couzinet, Marans, 17230
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Car Hire La Rochelle Airport

La Rochelle is a city in the western region of France that harbors a prominent seaport on the Bay of Biscay in Atlantic Ocean. Once you leave La Rochelle Airport after your plane flight, you will be greeted with numerous sights to see and places to visit. The spotlights of international acclaim have been directed at this city when remains of the sea-based Fort Boyard were featured in a hit TV show of the same name, but don't let that draw your attention away from other interesting tourist attractions, landmarks and historical sites.

La Rochelle Airport is situated closely to the city center, so you won't have a problem catching a train, bus or a taxi that would take you to the downtown area for a reasonable price. You can even get around several areas on foot, choosing to walk between some of the bus stations requiring you to buy 1-euro ticket for a ride. Our website will assist you if your preferred way of moving around La Rochelle will be car hire.

In the same manner other cities take great price in their historical old town areas, La Rochelle in France has the "Old Harbor", going by the French name "Vieux Port". Not unlike the historical buildings in other cities and countries, it opens up with a beautiful view of unusual architecture, well-preserved structures, grand city walls and a fitting lineup of harbor-themed restaurants, where the main courses are, of course, made from seafood. As you delve deeper into the infrastructure of La Rochelle in France, you will find yourself more and more restricted by the limitations of the scarce public transport routes. If you are planning to explore the city thoroughly or have multiple locations you need to visit in the space of a single day, car hire will be the best option to choose in that case.

Once you get yourself the wheels to freely more around, you can take off on a trip to the island of Île de Ré by the 3-kilometer bridge connecting it to Pertuis d'Antioche. If you feel like taking a ferry ride instead, the outlying locations of Fort Boyard and Port des Minemes will come within your reach as well. Don't put off the decision regarding your transportation to the very last moment when your plane flight lands in France, and you pass through the La Rochelle Airport gates. Instead, consider to make a reservation for car hire in advance, at the same time you purchase your plane ticket. Whether you need an SUV, minivan, luxury auto or something simpler, our website will recommend you the best car hire services to choose from in La Rochelle Airport.

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