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No Truck Return*no Admite Furgoneta, No Truck Return*no Admite Furgonetas, Malaga, 29002 (Spain)
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Car Hire Malaga Train Station

Malaga train station, also known as Maria Zambrano, is the railway line that connects other towns in Spain to Malaga. The town is ranked 6th in the entire Spain for its size and has a population of over 500,000 people.

The climate of Malaga is a blend between subtropical and Mediterranean which makes it perfect for holidaying for the avid tourist. It is also said to be among the oldest cities of the world so expect to travel way back in time as you get yourself acquainted with the many attractions in the town.

Tourist Attractions

To tour around town better, make sure you get a car rental from the many vehicle leasing companies at Malaga Train Station. A good number of these companies operate outlets globally so you can be sure they provide only the best cars to tourists.

  • Alcazaba - this is a fortress in the city and is also the major landmark Malaga is known for. The fortress boast of Moorish architecture that dates way back to the 15th century. The fort was built on a hill that was close to the shoreline and was a vantage location to watch out for enemies approaching from the sea. The Alcazaba became a ruin when the land it stood own became engulfed by the sea waters again.
  • The 1st Century Roman Theatre - this theatre is another old monument close to La Alcazaba and was used as an entertainment point back in the day. The theatre was undergoing major renovations and today it definitely should be in good use once again.
  • De Los Naranjos Terrace - this terrace is full of orange trees, but the real gem of it is the lovely architecture of the arches constructed in a complex horseshoe shape and overlooks the terrace. The Terrace are not that far from the Malaga Train Station, so you can drive over to view them when you arrive before settling into your hotel.
  • Puerta de las Columnas - both this ruin and the 1st century Romans theatre was reduced to rubbles after parts of them were demolished and the bricks used in building the fortress. However the beautiful gates were left intact and they welcome tourists to the terrace of oranges.

Malaga is definitely an old town and the attractions in it are a living proof of how far back the town has come. You will notice that Alcazaba is the center of attraction in the entire region and most of the ruins around it paid the price of sacrificing materials for the fortress to be built. Choosing a Malaga Train Station car hire over public transport is the best way to explore these ruins

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