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Murcia Airport, San Javier, Murcia, 30720 (Spain)
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Murcia airport in Spain is one of the smallest airports in the region based that it is located outside the city of San Javier. The airport is located approximately 45km from this city but there are small neighboring towns to this area. Those who visit this place usually visit the coastal region, which is roughly 10kn from the airport. The government found it necessary to make it easier for the tourist to travel to the coastal areas easily. Before it was opened, the tourists had to travel more than 100km to get to the area and this was one of the worst nightmares since the public transport system in the area is very low. To top it all the car hire firms used to charge a hefty price since they were on demand all round the clock. It is important for one to take time and understand the different routes to the coastal areas, where they will have a number of different activities.

With the opening of the Murcia Airport, there has been growth in this town, which was once asleep due to few people in the area. The airstrip has a number of international companies, which bring in tourists during different times of the year. Spain has the cool and warm temperatures, which is ideal for different activities in the region like scuba diving, skiing and other water sports. This is the main reason why one needs to take time and plan for this great adventure.

Murcia Airport has a number of business ventures inside the airport and the nearby environment, it is not easy to get some services in the area, but of late, there has been a huge business boom with many people settling and opening shops. There are different shopping complexes, and office buildings, that have different services to assist the tourists. There is a notable increase in the number of tour firms, car hire and accommodation facilities in the areas. This is due to high demand and the completion is stiff, hence the prices are affordable. Rom the Murcia airport, the nearest city is located roughly 10km and there is no access to public transport daily. When you want to travel to different areas when you visit, it is advisable to settle with the car hire services and you will end up getting the best results. In this area, many people prefer settling in the outskirts of the city and this is the reason why there are no public transport. Interestingly, this area has less traffic, hence making it very easy for one to get to different areas like the museums and the beach areas to relax. However, it is a buzz of activities when you visit during the high peak season and you need to make the personal car hire bookings to avoid being stranded in the area.

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