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Car Hire Guaraní Airport

Guarani Airport an airport in Paraguay is one of the best airports in the world. Located in the city of Minga. This airport boasts of many tourist attractions. This is the second largest airport in Paraguay. The main reason why this airport was built was to replace Alego Garcia Airport.

Some tourists attractions that can be found include Iguassu Falls, Beautiful Hotels, and Guarani Forest Zoological Park. After departing from the airport, this place is accessible due to the public buses and hire cars. While at the airport, accommodation is a not a problem since it is surrounded by many hotels.

Famous Tourist Attractions

Guarani Airport is popular because of some of the best scenic features can easily be accessed. Moreover, the airport is modern and attractive. Checking in and out is so easy that upon arriving, it will just take a few munities to clear. With so many attractive features to sample, this place cannot be said to be bored. Whether you are looking for somewhere t relax in or a week’s out with a loved one then this place is ideal.

  • Iguassu Falls - The name Iguassu means large water. This is one of the top destinations in South America. This falls location is Iguassu River. From far, the falls looks amazing. It is one of the best creations of nature. Iguassu boasts of around 19 main falls. With 5 of them found in the Brazilian side. The best times to see Iguassu falls are in the springs and the falls since during summer the temperature is a bit hot. The dam found in this falls has been touted as best in the world in terms of technology.
  • Hotels near the Airport - Apart from Iguassu Falls, Guaraní also boasts of some of the best tourist hotels that you can sample. Trending hotels include HG Tower Hotel, Casa Blanca Hotel, Hotel Casino, and Hotel California among others. These hotels are located within short distance from the Airport.
  • Guarani forest zoological park hotel - this park is approximately 2 kilometers drive from Guarani Airport. It is one also one of the best hotels. Additionally, once you have booked in you can go to Guarani zoological parks and enjoy seeing the zoo. Checking into your hotel, visiting the Guarani zoological park, or Iguassu falls, requires that you use a rented car.

Guarani is well know all over south America each and every year tourists streams in to see the beautiful features it has to offer with the famous amount them being the Iguassu falls which is technological masterpiece. Moreover checking into the hotels is very easy since most of them are affordable. After landing onto the airport, you can book a hotel then sample different features that the airport and its environs have to offer. Travelling to Paraguay on a holiday is not complete without passing through Guarani Airport, renting a car and visiting some of these magnificent places.

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