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This landlocked South American country is located in the center of the continent. Being on the tropic of Capricorn, Paraguay has hot climate for majority of the year. . The diverse geography has led Paraguay to be divided into two regions: Eastern Region featuring lush green countryside, forests and valleys and the Western Region featuring the arid Chaco and other ecological reserves. Long summers and short and mild winters make it a lovely holiday destination. The country has two official languages: Spanish and Guarani. However the different cultures that live in the region have made Paraguay a culturally rich country. Today, almost 17 native ethnic groups exist in Paraguay.

The capital city, Asuncion has very well preserved its history in the form of great architecture such as the Cathedral, Lopez Palace and the House of Independence. On the other hand, it has some great modern-day places to enjoy such as Lirico Theatre, shopping malls, dining restaurants and much more. If you want to indulge in the low-price shopping frenzy, come to the city of Ciudad del Este. Villarrica stands as the cultural home of Paraguay. It has some beautiful nearby attractions such as the town of Yataity. To admire green countryside and clear blue streams among other natural attractions, come to the city of Encarnacion.

Paraguay has beautiful variety of flora and fauna. It has some endangered species such as the Chilean coot, the saw-toothed duck and numerous other types of birds such as the blue macaw, the songbird and many more. The geographic diversity of Paraguay has enabled a variety of vegetation to be found in the country. In the Chaco, semi-arid thorny plantation can be found while Eastern region is abundant in tropical forests, rivers and streams. Paraguay has protected its wild life through about 40 Protected Wild life Areas. So come to this beautiful land of beautiful and hospitable people.