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» Norway

Car Hire Norway

Norway has been the best holiday spot for skiing along with numerous attractions that entice tourists from all over the world, all through the year. The Norwegian mountains, the cities and the fjords open out for an Atlantic receive for tourists all over the world. More people travel to Norway to experience its northern lights and to experience the glory of its largest city of Oslo, as they are easily accessible by road.

Exploring Norway in a car:

One could experience the best road trip ever in Norway. Drivers are greatly impresses by the beautiful stretch of the roads in Norway, especially those on the coast of Atlantic. The main road 64 in Norway is quite famous for a road trip here, as it is 62 miles long and crosses about 12 low bridges, offering fantastic views of the fjords and the Atlantic, before it could touch the town of Kristiansund. Tourists love to explore this road, and there are many rental car services in Norway that comes to their assistance.

Advantages of choosing a hired car to explore Norway:

  • Tourists who wold love mountain biking, outdoor adventures and the Norway fjords, could best enjoy them with a rented car here.
  • Locals say that that people need to explore the glacier national park, Jostedalsbreen, the largest glacier in Europe, the Geiranger Fjord etc.,
  • The capital of Norway, the Oslo has rich cultural heritage in the country and tourists could self-drive their hired cars and explore the various attractions and historic sites here.

Driving conditions and car hire trips in Norway:

People Licensed to travel on UK roads are allowed here and the land does not require any international permits. It is important to drive with caution on these long and winding roads that get worse in winter. Most of the car hire services in Norway are equipped with fantastic drivers who could convert hassles into opportunities. They are very familiar with the road rules and regulations of Norway and could speak the local language. There are restrictions for drunk and driving with severe penalties and some roads here are tolled with charges.

Regulations for Car hire in Norway:

Tourists wanting to hire a car should furnish their driving licence issued in the country of their residence. Most of these car rental agencies demand the validity of the license for at least a year. International driver’s permit may be required if they do not have a valid license. The minimum required car hire age limit is 19, but these companies may stipulate individual age limits up to 25 years depending on the category of the vehicle the person wishes to hire. For individuals who are less than 25 years, these companies would require people to pay additional young driver’s fee depending on the agency rules.

Most of the popular car hire companies are located in the main shopping centre and in the airports and train stations. Usually rates are calculated per hundred meters in these car services and the rates are nominal for tourists to explore the major attractions of Norway.

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