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Car Hire Tripoli Airport

Tripoli Airport serves Tripoli, Libya. It is the largest International airport in Libya. Tripoli is the capital city of Libya. The most notable feature of Tripoli is the Red Castle. Tourism was at its peak in Libya before Libyan Civil War. The Civil War gave demise to tourism in the country. There are many problems with transport in Libya so it is most recommended to rent a car from the airport.

Tripoli Attractions

Tripoli Attractions include museums, Landmarks and water parks. Landmarks are the most common in Tripoli. Visit to Tripoli can be called an educational trip as you get to see various buildings of historical importance. Tripoli also has something to offer for family entertainment. If you are visiting Tripoli with family, you will not be disappointed. Rent a car from the airport to ensure a comfortable trip.

  • Tripoli’s Red Castle: it is also called Assaraya al-Hamra. It is an ancient government palace that has been preserved. It is now open for the visitors. The Red Castle is located on the northern promontory. It is a huge building consisting of labyrinth of courtyards, alleyways and houses.
  • Jamahiriya Museum: It is a big museum having 3 floors open for viewing. All the items are beautifully displayed and the items are praise worthy. Sadly, Jamahiriya Museum had been closed after the revolution. Before heading to the Jamahiriya Museum double check that it is open for visitors or not.
  • Gurgi Mosque: Gurgi Mosque is quite small but it is a masterpiece if architecture. The main praying hall of the mosque has imported marble pillars from Italy, intricate stone carvings from Morocco and ceramic tile work from Tunisia. Gurgi Mosque was built in 19th century and was the last mosque built under Turks. If you have a rented car make sure that you visit Gurgi Mosque, it is definitely worth a visit.
  • Old British Consulate: The old British Consulate was first constructed in 1744. It was a residence for Ahmed Pasha during the final phase of his reign. Ahmed Pasha is the founder of the Karamanli Dynasty. Later on the building became the office of the British Council. Old British Consulate is located on Shari Hara Kbira, west of the Gurgi Mosque.

Do not go back to Tripoli Airport without visiting all the historical buildings in the city. It enhances your knowledge and also enables you to experience the emotions on which these buildings were built.

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