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The city of Benghazi, Libya should be your next tourist destination. The climate is just right and the town large enough to host several tourist hotspots. The outside world is connected to this town via Benina International Airport, located 19km away in Benina town.

A 19km stretch is perfect to cover in a car rental picked from the airstrip. As you cruise to your hotel, you can enjoy the lovely atmosphere and even spot a few areas of interest while en route. Libya is an Arab populated country so expect to find most of the attractions inspired with Arabic touches.

Local Attractions

But not everything in Libya has Arabic tone, there is some Italian in it as well, which is proven by some of the architecture you will find in Benghazi.

  • Old Town Hall - this is a pre-historic Hall was built when Italians colonized the country. Today you may not be able to go inside the hall, but you can have a glance of the architecture from the outside. In this very hall, several political figures have used the facility to carry out administrative duties. Mussolini used to address people from the hall while German Soldier Rommel welcomed more troops from this hall.
  • Cyrene - this town is famously known from the Bible as the birthplace of Simon, who helped Jesus carry his cross to Golgotha. The town was built as a Greek colony and was under Aristotle’s rule in 630BC. Throughout history this town underwent a series of repossessions by the Egyptians under the Ptolemies and the Romans while expanding their empire.
  • Atiq Mosque - located around the freedom square and a proof of the Islamic spread throughout the town. This mosque amazes in its architecture that dates back to the 15 century. it has undergone some renovations over the years, but you can never lack that archaic ambience whenever you enter it.
  • The Green Mountains Feast - as you drive your Benina International Airport rental to the mountains, there is a sumptuous stopover along the way. Here you will sample some locally made Camel barbeque.
  • The Italian Cathedral - it was a former worship place for the Italians and today stands as one of the iconic landmarks in Benghazi. Not only will you be marveled by the pristine interior, the Cathedral also enjoys a great view of Benghazi harbor.

While in Benghazi, go out and meet people, explore different attractions and even sample some locally made food just to make your days memorable. Enjoy Libya to the fullest before you drive back to Benina international airport.

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