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Japan is one of those countries which have powerful economy and vast resources. People in Japan are dedicated and workaholic. Japan is located in Pacific Ocean with a huge number of islands surrounding it. The weather is quite pleasant and it has six principal climate zones. The topography of Japan contains various forests, valleys and sub-tropical regions which add more value for the tourists. It has a diverse wildlife with many adventurous locations and a huge network of National and theme parks.

The culture and traditions of Japan are quite different, their sculptures, historic buildings, religious monuments and temples gives a unique experience. Many festivals takes place during summer season which includes handcraft exhibitions, painted lights and unique art festivals. Their traditional music and dance performance is usually a common element in all festivals. Festivals, exhibitions and sports events occur throughout the year and all four seasons have different theme and colors, their famous sports includes Judo, Sumo, Soccer, marathon and formula one racing, their concept of strengthening themselves is one of the basic necessity and it gives much motivation to the visitors. Moreover, you will find many opportunities to learn new things as they have many unique capabilities like their cooking style and delicious food, their art of strengthening themselves, their traditional dresses and other ornaments, and the most important is their artisanal which is not common in other countries.

Tokyo is the capital and also hub of tourism in Japan. It has three airports and many five-star hotels, so tourist usually don’t find any trouble. Tokyo is famous for its amusement parks, natural sceneries, mountains, and waterfall and other various temples which add more beauty to this city. You can avail various tours launched by tourism organizations in Tokyo; they offer reasonable prices and also provide customized tours.

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