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Cali International Airport Car Hire Quote

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Aeropuerto Alfonso B. Aragon S/n, National Flight Arrivals Hall - Salida De Vuelos Nacionales Local No. 4, Palmira (Colombia)
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Cali (20.6 km)
Calle 10 No. 52 50
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Car Hire Cali International Airport

Cali International Airport is also known as Bonilla Aragon International Airport, and it is the second largest passenger airport in Columbia. It is estimated to hold around 2 million passengers on a yearly basis. The airport was built in the 1930’s, and it is placed in between mountains.

Places to Visit

  • Cali Landmark - This is one of the major attractions of the people into the town. It has inspired the designing of other different architectural designs in many other parts of the world. What is there though, it is not the original, but a representation of what used to be there. Getting there is only through a means which is flexible in time, with a rental car being the best option in that particular case. Make no mistake, to exit the town without visiting this major hallmark.
  • Teatro Municipal - This is the municipal building which has a rich history. Here, you will get an explanation on how it had begun in 1918, and all other progresses, which took place regarding it on this particular date. There have been major developments on the buildings since ever it was built. Knowing them, will do no harm, but rather good, by making you knowledgeable on the world’s history. It is easily accessible from the road. A rental car will see you to the destination without any difficulties and delays though.
  • Centro Cultural de Cali - This is among the major attraction sites in the town because of the many cultural activities which take place there. The people of this particular place, adore culture to the highest point possible. In this place, there are music festivals taking place, workshops, and many other things which are important. They make life to be enjoyable, and if possible, get a car hire a visit the place. In case the events take place in the late hours, then, you will be safe to access the hotels without any difficulties.
  • Video Charlot - Before heading back to Cali International Airport, make sure to attend this particular place of cinematography. It is one of the finest places to watch films from and to drink tea from. It is well planned within one small place for beauty. The films are mostly watched during the evenings, and it would be good if you would go with a rental car in case, the films extends for long hours.
Nearby Destinations