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Barranquilla Airport Car Hire Quote

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Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport, Piso 1 Local 15 – Primer Piso, Barranquilla (Colombia)
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Downtown (12.5 km)
Calle 70 # 53 28, 080001
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Car Hire Barranquilla Airport

Barranquilla Airport is located in Central America serving the great country of Columbia. Forget the grim stories of illegal narcotics as Columbia can be a really amazing place to visit and relax as a tourist. All you need to do is book a ticket to Central America to get closer acquainted with what the country has to offer.

There are many cities within the State so your first stop should be Barranquilla, served by Barranquilla airport. You can book both your ticket and car rental online and when you walk through the airport terminal, find the car waiting in the parking lot.

Tourist Attractions

Besides great traditional dance festivals in the streets, this Columbian city has many more attractions for the budding traveler and curious explorer. You can make a mini-list of places to sightsee and tick them off once you have your fill of fun exploring them.

  • Caribe Museum - if you ask around, you will probably hear the term Museo de Caribe which means the same thing. This museum is one of the oldest in the town and houses the rich historical culture of the Caribbean. This is probably the best place to learn about the origin of Carnival. There are artifacts and pictures to give a more vivid understanding on the subject. One thing to note though, you should brush up on your Spanish or get a guide to better understand the artifacts and information inside.
  • Maria Reina Metropolitan Cathedral - one of the worship centers within the city that is living proof of the religious nature of the locals. The architecture outside is fine and the interior is even more dazzling with rich information about the religious history of Barranquilla.
  • Plaza San Nicolas - this area holds sacred by the locals because it was used as a prayer point by elders back historically. Today it is a social place for people to take a stroll in and also do a bit of shopping. Besides the cathedral that was recently renovated, the area also houses a number of shops selling books, fruits and flowers. It is also a great place to relax in a hot afternoon and enjoy the archaic ambience preserved over centuries.

As you will discover, a lot of the attractions in Barranquilla have an ancient feel to them and tell a lot about the history of the town. There are modern attractions in the city as well like high end restaurants, cinemas and nightclubs. If you are lucky, you can catch the carnival happening in the city before you go back to Barranquilla Airport in your car rental.

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