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If you are travelling to Canada and would like to use reputable car hire services to get a good car, you will be expected to sign a rental car agreement with the company of your choice. This is a contract between you and your rental car agency of choice. If you do not pay close attention to the document, you may end up being on the losing side.

There are standard points you can identify on a rental car contract. The car hire company will need to know that you are of age when it comes to legally driving the hired car on Canadian roads. In addition to this, they will require a valid car license from you which should allow you to drive the type of vehicle you are planning to lease from them.

Be careful with this section because the rule is that only the person whose name and license information is on the contract is allowed to drive the car. Therefore, you cannot be allowed to apply on someone else’s behalf. This is important because if another party is driving the hired car and it is involved in as accident, you will be expected to pay for damages in spite of having an insurance cover. Insurance is another issue; you should ensure that if you pay for extra insurance as you sign the agreement, it is not covered in your personal insurance cover. Otherwise, you will be making an unnecessary payment and incurring a loss.

There is a section put in the contract by every car hire agency, allowing you to indicate any damages on the car when you hire it. Most people do not take this seriously, but it can lead to you paying for damages that have nothing to do with you. Inspect the vehicle carefully and register any damages that you notice. In addition to this, you can take pictures as extra evidence.

In addition to this, inquire from the rental car agency what the exact fines are, should you accidentally damage the car. This will ensure that you know exactly what fines you are liable to face and help you to avoid unnecessary surprises on the issue. Some other information to be included in the contract by the car hire company is consequences for other things such as returning the car with an empty tank and refusing to take it to the correct drop off point. The aspect of restricted use should also be properly indicated. This will include mileage limits and may also inform you on the places you are allowed to use the car. Should you breach these requirements your contract should be clear on the consequences.

The purpose of checking a rental car hire contract is to avoid any surprises at a later date and to ensure that you are not taken advantage of by the car hire company.

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