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Broome Apt, Broome, Wau, 6725, Wa, Western Australia
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Broome (0.1 km)
Terminal Building Airport, 6725, Wa, Western Australia
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Car Hire Broome Airport

Broome Airport is in the North West, is the major airport in Western Australia. It is very proximal to the town center, there means of transport to the town, however, short the distance is. The website of this Broome Airport speaks of it as one of the major hubs of businesses in the region. It is classic, and serves, the people of Broome, as well as the people who come touring into the town, and other parts of Western Australia. It handles approximately half a million people on a yearly basis. A car hire will serve you better, because it will see you in town, at the right time, and can be of help in visiting other relevant vacation zones.

Car hire is readily available at the exit of Broome Airport, and in many other places within the town. They charge different prices based on different things. The first base of the changes is the days the tourist is planning to stay with the car. The second factor is the model of the car, and the maintenance of the car. They are readily available with different efficiency levels.

Broome Airport provides for chartered air services for the tourists who feel that, they cannot wait for other public air transportation, or if they want to have an experience which is thrilling. The chartered plane services offer different packages based on the number of people you want transported. A car hire service will provide a car which will fit all the people who come into the airport.

Things to see

  • 5 Meter Crocodile - The view of a crocodile can be enticing, and more so, the view of a long crocodile. In a short distance from town, approximately 20 minutes from the city center of the town riding on moderate speed in a car hire, lays Broome Crocodile Park.
  • Shore Birds - Approximately 25 kilometers from Broome Airport is a shorebirds observation platform. The shorebird is among the income generating activities of the town. Driving in a car hire, it will take you less than an hour, going at the best speed of choice.
  • Cable Beach - It is one of the attraction sites in the country, because of the white cliffs and shores. It is stunning to most people. It would be the ideal place to spend evenings. Get the rental car after a tedious day full of the activities, and swim to freshen up.
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