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Ho Chi Minh City Airport, Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
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City Centre (6.4 km)
44 Vu Tong Phan Street, An Phu Ward, District 2, City
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Car Hire Ho Chi Minh City Airport

This is the largest international airport in Vietnam. According to size and capacity since it handles 20 million people passengers per year. Ho Chi Mih Airport is located approximately 6 kilometers from the city center. It was constructed by the French colonial administration in 1930. By 1953, US foreign aid funded the rest of its building. The city boasts of so many attractions. Examples include War Remnants Museum, Fito Museum, and Saigon Opera House among others.

Upon arrival, it is imperative that you book your Hotel and then rent a car to travel to these attractions. Some of them such war memorial museum is historical in nature.

  • War Remnants Museum - This is located in the museum system of Vietnam it is under the Ministry of culture, sports, and tourism. The theme of this museum is the Vietnam War. Actually, it shows cases the research, collection, storage, and display of materials photographs and artifacts of the war. Within the museum, more than 20,000 artifacts, documents, and films have been stored. The museum is one of the most visited places since it has welcomed over 15 million visitors from home and abroad. It is approximated that around 500,000 people visit the place yearly and it is one of the most visited places in Japan. Among the things, that is being showcased is the weapons and airplanes that were used during the war. From Ho Chi Mih Airport, You can easily rent or hire a car then inform the driver to take you to this fantastic museum.
  • Fito Museum - this is also a place worth visiting upon arrival at the Ho Chi Mih Airport. This museum will offer you a unique insight into the Vietnam history, which is just amazing. Most of the things that are inside are related to the war in Vietnam. The museum is explaining how war has permeated every part of the country. In each floor of the museum, you will get to find a nice unique article with some explanation in them. Besides, the top floor gives a clear view of the area. You must visit this one place once you check in at Ho Chi Mih Airport
  • Saigon Opera House - This house was founded in 1994 and it houses one of the city’s entertainment companies. If you are fan of theater, then this place is just awesome visit, since you will have the opportunity to sample some of the cultures of the Vietnam. When touring the country, it is important to create some time and visit the place. It is around 7 kilometers from the Ho Chi Mih Airport.

Ho Chi Mih city is famous around the world due to the Vietnam War. After arriving at this city, it is very essential rent a car from the airport. With access to rental car, you can be able to sample most of the things that are being offered in this town. Taking a vacation to this place will definitely relax you as well. Additionally, Ho Chi Mih Airport is also beautiful.

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