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Car Hire Venezuela

This tropical South American country has a diversified landscape hence has a variety of natural scenic beauties to look and admire. As with any tropical country, Venezuela has two seasons; dry and the rainy, while it gets cold on the mountainous regions and even snow at the Andean peaks. The Spanish conquest has left its prints on the Venezuelan culture. Its music is a melodious blend of Spanish, African and indigenous beats. Even Venezuelan literature is a depiction of Spanish orientation and romance such as the works of Manuel Romero Garcia and Andres Eloy Blanco. Colonial architecture in Venezuela is worth noting. You can learn more about Venezuelan history and culture at the Museum of Fine Art and the Museum of Colonial Art among other museums.

The capital city of Caracas shines with towering buildings, grandeur restaurants and hotels offering great food and accommodation and colorful clubs and bars which make Caracas famous for its nightlife. The northern end of the city features adventurous walking trails along the scented forests on the slopes of Parque Nacional El Avila.

The Amazonas in Venezuela are a great place to discover flora and fauna such as strangler figs, orchids, mosses and dolphins, puma, jaguar and macaws among numerous other species. The province of Guayana is rich in natural resources like gold, diamond and bauxite making the region the fastest growing in the country. The Venezuelan Andes make a beautiful landscape with its snow capped-peaks and shining glaciers. The mountains are an excellent place for climbing, camping, horse riding, biking and even fishing. The biggest island of Venezuela, Margarita Island is one of the main attractions for tourists. It has an international airport receiving flights from world over making the place easily accessible. People come to soak themselves in the sea, sand and the warmth of sun. Margarita’s national parks are also not to miss.

With an astonishing variety of landscapes, Venezuela’s is a tourist’s love mark.

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