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Car Hire Kilimanjaro Airport

Tanzania is a world-renowned tourist destination. This East African country is endowed with a variety of beautiful game reserves, mountains, diverse & rich culture, and national parks. Mount Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, and Serengeti National Park are concrete reasons for visiting Tanzania.

Kilimanjaro Airport serves as a gateway to watch spectacular wildlife and terrific scenery. If you are interested in a mind-blowing African safari, then Tanzania is the place to be. To reap maximum benefits from your trip, a car rental would surely come in handy. Hiring a car at the airport ensures your journey around the Kilimanjaro area and other places is smooth and captivating.

Reasons to visit Mount Kilimanjaro

Mt. Kilimanjaro is Africa’s tallest mountain and the world’s highest free standing mountain. It reaches approximately 19340 feet, that is, 5,895 meters in the air. As a composite volcano, this mountain contains layers of volcanic ash, tephra, and lava. Currently, the volcano is inactive. Of the seven distinctive peaks, Uhuru Peak stands out as the mountain’s highest elevation. It stands at 5895 meters, that is, 19,341 feet. These captivating facts are solid proof that visiting Mount Kilimanjaro using a car rental is a must.

  • Unique vegetation – Be amazed by unique and attractive vegetation that grows around the base of the mountain. Here, you can find a wide biodiversity of endemic species. The mountain is also home to different forest types. The northern slope is home to Juniperus and Cassipourea forests.
  • Ice – if you are love with mountains rich with ice tops, then Mount Kilimanjaro is a place to visit. The mountain’s summit is covered with ice completely with the exception of the inner cone. This is an attractive feature to most mountain climbers and environments as well.
  • Trekking or climbing – Seven official trekking routes exist for purposes of ascending and descending on this mountain. Of all these, ‘Machame’ is the albeit steeper and most scenic. Using this route, individuals can complete their mission in roughly six to seven days. ‘Rongai’ on the other hand is the least scenic and easiest route. Regardless of the route you choose to use, hiring a car from Kilimanjaro airport is the best and smoothest way to access the wonders and scenery of the mountain.

Using Kilimanjaro airport to access what Tanzania has to offer is the ideal route. After landing, getting a car for hire is the next step. After having your car rental, it is now time to enjoy what East Africa has to offer.

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