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Car Hire Damascus Airport

Are you a world traveler? Do you like Middle Eastern destinations? Well, Damascus might be the city for you to travel.

Damascus is Syria’s capital. The population is 4.5 million people. Damascus is known as one of the oldest continously inhabited cities. The city was first established in the second millenium B.C.

Damascus is located inland, 50 miles away from the Mediterranean Sea. The Anti-Lebanon mountains gives the city a border. Damascus sits upon a plateau. Damascus has hot summers and cool winters. So, the apparel wear to Damascus will depend upon the time of year you visit. Currently, because of the civil unrest in the country, it is not advisable to visit Damascus (or Syria). Some of the industrial activity include textile, cement, food processing, and various other activities. Real estate is also popular in the area, with properties being bought by foreigners. Most of the people who live in Damascus are Sunni Muslims. However, there is a small Jewish community, which can be traced back to the times of King David back in Biblical times.

The Old City of Damascus is currently being threatened by being demolished by the Syrian government to redevelop the city to modernization. Some of the key sites recognizable in Biblical times have been or will be destroyed. Recently, the Global Heritage Fund has called Damascus one of the cities which has been on the brink of irrepairable destruction and loss. Damascus is a valuable city, because it links Biblical civilizations to present day times. A mixture of mosques and churches are around the city. Various sports are popular in Damascus, such as football, swimming, table tennis, and basketball. When you are getting your Arabic coffee or tea, you can see locals play cards or chess.

After you have arrived in Damascus, make sure that you have contacted your home country’s embassy to listen and know of safety precautions. Also, have your passport and visa available.

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