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Horta Airport Car Hire Quote

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Aeroporto Da Horta - Castelo Branco, Faial, 9900-321 (Portugal)
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Rua Angustias Nº 70 R/c, 9900 039
City (8.2 km)
Rua Angustias Nº 70 R/c, Faial, 9900 039
Terminal Maritimo Da, Marine Terminal, 9900 114
Cais Da Madalena S/n, Madalena, Pico, 9950 305
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Car Hire Horta Airport

Horta Airport is the home for a two storey building with single-terminal facility and this is just 10 km away from Horta City. It can serve a lot of tourists going in and out of the airport for vacation and other purposes. There are many regular flights gong to diverse destinations around Azores via SATA Air Açores airlines connected to other destinations such as Corvo Island and Ponta Delgada. You can easily travel from Horta City going to the airport via car rental service or taxi. You will never experience being lost in this foreign land as there are signs all over place pointing to that direction. There are taxis and popular car hire companies that you can find inside the airport terminal.

If you are interested to see this place, then it is important for you to know the best time to visit the place especially if you will like to experience the beauty of Azores Island. If you want to see this verdant island that is close to the Atlantic Ocean, then this information is vital for a vacationer like you. It is good to know that accessibility will never be an issue when planning a trip to this place. This island is very accessible all year round via boat or plane. If you want to save money, then the most practical and affordable way is to fly going to Azores. Its distance makes it hard to find ferries that sails through this archipelago, but still many tourists choose to sail using cruise ships that stop at the port. Riding a cruise ship is just one way for you to take a closer look of the island’s beauty, but you need to spend at least a week in order to make the most out of your vacation. Flying is ideal anytime of the year you want to go to Azores.

There are important factors that you need to consider if you want to experience Azores vacation. The weather in the island is one of your prime concerns and the next concern is the price of your vacation. The last consideration is the peak and off peak season. The best time of the year to go to this place is when the weather is at its best, but it also means that prices of vacation in Azores are also very high during this time. It is good to know that the island is not filled with massive number of tourists, so no matter what time of the year you want to go to the island you will never encounter crowds of tourists. Azores Island is an undiscovered gem that you will treasure. You will experience great weather during months of May until September as these are sunniest and warmest months, but the ideal months are July and August.

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