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Car Hire Heho Airport

In Small Township in Kalaw there is a town known as Heho. This town is connected to Sanganywi and Taungyi. Within this town, there is Heho airport use by most tourists to get into the town. The town is very small but has several tourist attractions. Around the airport, there is the Inle Lake and beautiful hotels among others. After a tourist has arrived at the airport, the next step is either to check into hotel or to take another flight in case he is on transit. In case you are tourist, then renting a car is probable.

It is appropriate for you to visit the area during the during the festival season. This ceremony occurs among the Burmese where a man will admit his son to become a monk according the orderlies. The major attractions around the airport include Inle Lake, Nga Hpe Chaung Monastery, among others.


  • Inle Lake - This is a very large lake. It is the second largest fresh water lake found in Myanmar. This lake is very attractive. Watching the sunset using a boat is awesome in addition, you can also watch the exquisite fruits that grow inside. Reaching the lake is very easy after arriving at the Heho airport you can decide to take a local bus or alternatively hire a car. You can also rent a motorbike to take you to the lake. When visitors are inside the lake, they also see the landscape the way it is. In addition, they can also explore the daily lives and get to be familiar with their culture. Concisely, there are so many that you can do in this lake.
  • Nga Hpe Chaung Monastry - This attractive wooden monastery that was built in 1850s in the lake. This is a very interesting place to visit. First because of its connection to Buddha besides, so many cats. So many cats that live in this place. Once you have travelled from Heho airport using a rented car or a bus you take a boat and it takes you around 25 minutes to reach this place. This monastery is built on old steak wood and designed with some traditional architecture. The fact that it is considered as the biggest and the oldest monastery make it such an attraction. In brief, this place is attractive because of the cats, architectural feature, and historical purposes.
  • Phaung Daw of pagoda - This is also located within Inle Lake. This place is known for its s wonderful festival in Myanmar. Buddhists pagoda lies in the lake with its beautiful architectural design, it is one of the best symbols of the Buddhists religion in the lake. Inside the pagoda, there are five gold leaves covering small Buddha images. Apart from the festival, rowing competition is also held which makes the completion such a spectacle. Additionally pilgrims’ all over the country come to this place to pay homage to the Buddha images. This is just a fantastic place to visit. Once you have reached Heho airport, you can easily reach this place.

The best way to access, this place is to take a flight to the airport, then hire or rent car so that you can enjoy these beautiful scenes. One more thing, these people are very much keen on their religion hence should not provoke,

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