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Car Hire Blantyre Airport

Blantyre airport is located 14km from the main city it serves, Chileka, in the country of Malawi. Chileka is said to be the second largest town in Malawi and also known for its high commercial activities. On the other hand, it can be a great tourist destination for the traveler looking for some wild adventure in Africa.

From pre-historic sites to buzzing streets of Chileka, Malawi has so much to offer for the roving tourists. All you need is a well maintained and fully serviced car rental from the airport to be your personal transport option. You will find a Blantyre Airport car hire much convenient, especially when you want to cut through traffic in the city or determine your own travel plan within the city.

Things to See and Enjoy

You will find the city center as exciting as you will find the other attractions on the outskirts. As long as you have your car rental, you can get to these attractions faster and even spend as much time as you want in them. Here are a few places that should be top of your list.

  • The City Center - Blantyre airport normally serves two towns, Blantyre and Limbe. This town has a rich history and said to be the area where David Livingstone and other Scottish missionaries dwelt and spread the gospel from. Blantyre is the name of Livingstone’s birth place which was adopted for the town.
  • A Heavily Commercial Town - the stretch between the main town and Limbe used to house traditional houses. Today it is replaced by commercial precincts housing various shops and even a cinema. Most shops act independently of each other and have unique items to supply. Some shops you should definitely visit include African Habitat for locally made ornaments or the Ute Waleza center which houses numerous Malawian mementoes.
  • Central Africana Gallery - as you stroll around town in your car rental, make sure you pass by this art shop. There are thousands of prints to be sold here to tourists and locals. You will also find great African reads to purchase as well as historical maps which offer some details of how life was in the past for this town.
  • St Michael and All Angels Church - one fascinating factor about this church is that it was built by men who knew nothing about architecture or brick laying. It still stands today and is one of the amazing architectural designs within the city.

There are so many other attractions surrounding Blantyre Airport to sightsee. Make the most of this town before you travel back home!

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