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Regular vacation is not enough because vacationers want to experience unique place to visit. Those who are searching for this kind of vacation experience need a place that is wilder and can offer more adventure. In this case, you should consider going to Madagascar. Once you arrived at Antananarivo Airport, you will be amazed to see that this place can offer different Safari adventure. It is even better than Africa. The place is filled with pristine natural habitat with rich fauna and flora. Actually, there are many places on earth that can offer magnificent beauty, but Madagascar is exceptional.

You can travel to this place if you are interested with nature. A trip to Madagascar does not need to be very frustrating. Passport application is the first thing that you need to do and it requires patience as you need to wait in line. This line can be very log especially if it is a traveling season. It is advisable that you apply for passport during off peak season to avoid this kind of hassle. It is not only about the passport, but you also need to make early reservation for your hotel accommodation, airfare and car hire service. Good thing there is internet technology, because it gives vacationers the chance to apply for passport and arrange everything online. There is no need to go out of the comfort of your home just to organize a vacation in Madagascar.

Madagascar has rich biodiversity. You will find unique species of plants and animals that you will not find in your country. You will definitely love the place because of its natural history and you will find it very interesting. You will not find anything in this world like Madagascar can offer. This island has been separated with Africa millions of years ago and it allowed growth of lots of species that cannot be found anywhere in the world. Species that you can find within this place is called endemic species. This is the reason why it is a favorite hub for many scientists and biologists. Madagascar is known as the largest biodiversity in the world.

If you will opt for rent a car service, then you will surely reach Tsingy de Bemaraha. This is a popular tourist destination and it is a must see place. This is known as nature preserved and one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The place is around 330 square miles and considered as the most sought after nature preserves. This place is very famous for its magnificent yet creepy karst limestone formations. The place is also known because of its lemur population, preserve mangrove trees as well as bird population. You will never be disappointed once you arrived at the place.

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