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Petrovec, Skopje, 1043 (Macedonia)
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Skopje (15.4 km)
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Car Hire Skopje Airport

Skopje airport is located in Petrovec, Macedonia. It is nearly 17 kilometers in the southeast area of the capital. Air Serbia, Austrian Airlines, Croatian Airlines, FlyDubai, Edelweiss Air, Turkish Airlines, and Pegasus Airlines are just some of the airlines using this airport.

You can spend an entire day and night in the city without being able to visit every attractive place. There are the magnificent museums, Old stone bridge, indulge in the cultural practices of the region, enjoy the nightlife and so much more. As an ancient city, Skopje is without a doubt a favorite for history enthusiasts. Your trip is deficient if you do not hire a car at Skopje airport. Convenience, comfort and smoothness are what renting a car brings with it.

Sightseeing at its Best

Skopje has witnessed plenty of action in the past. This includes wars, floods, fires and earthquakes. However, this does not mean that this city has nothing to offer. On the contrary, Skopje provides a great deal to be part of, see, and enjoy. With a car for hire, there are plenty of places you can visit and have a time of your life. The next time you land at the Skopje airport, use your rental car to visit these attractive sightseeing areas:

  • St. Pantelejmon Monastery - This Orthodox Monastery was built in 1164. The experience you get by visiting this old building is unforgettable. Inside the small brick and stone building lies amazing and glorious frescos. Many of these frescos date back during the building’s construction. They depict the customary Orthodox themes that include Holy Mother of God Dormition and Lamentation of Christ among others.
  • The National Museum - This white building houses an exciting and stunning collection of traditional costumes and instruments. Their arrangement is more than impressive. Everything here is arranged based on surrounding territories and the region in which it originated in Macedonia. Of the huge collection, women bridal costumes stand out as the most striking.
  • Macedonia Square - It is certainly a remarkable building in Risticheva Palata. Visit this square for some of the greatest concerts of all time. This is especially true during warm months.

Both day and nightlife in Skopje is intriguing. Pick a rental car from Skopje airport and discover what this city and Macedonia in general has to offer. A car for hire will certainly and surely complete your trip.

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