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Car Hire Maseru Airport

Maseru airport or Moshoeshoe I, is where your flight will land and your car rental will be waiting in the parking area of the airport. Alternatively, you can hire one in the terminals and it will be delivered to you in no time.

Maseru town is the capital of Lesotho and at the same time the capital of the District by the same name. The city was first a police camp during the pre-colonial period and retained its status as a capital even after independence. The town is located on the border of Lesotho and South Africa.

Tourists Activities

Even while touching down at Maseru Airport, you will begin to notice some of the attractions Lesotho is famed for. The town is bordered by amazing natural sceneries worth stopping and watching or even taking a photo or two.

  • Maluti Mountains - these majestic mountains are located 50km from the main town; so you definitely need your Maseru Airport car rental to travel the distance. If you have ever watched the movie ‘The Forgotten Kingdom’ you will be thrilled to finally come face to face with one of the background’s that help set the movie.
  • Katse Dam - the dam was constructed on the Malibamatso River and was completed around 1997. The walls are built 185m to the air and the entire dam stretches over 700m. The dam is just a lovely view to watch plus the rustic natural scenery around it.
  • The Royal Palace - this is the core of Lesotho’s royalty and this is where you will get kingly treatment. In this palace you will learn all you want about the famous kingdom of Lesotho and the many kings who have ruled the land over time.
  • The Lesotho Mountain Kingdom - it is actually a lavish resort with the best views you can ever wish for. Set on a high point, you get a panoramic view of the city and if you stretch your view further you can see the beautiful Lesotho Mountain basking in the glorious sun. This lovely resort is located on Hilton road and is a short drive in your car rental. You can even book the place from Maseru airport and have a room ready as you drive in.

Maseru town is set at a strategic point on the border of two beautiful countries with landscapes that are to die for. You will definitely miss this place once you start the trip back to Maseru airport.

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