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Astana International Airport, 1st Floor (Kazakhstan)
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Car Hire Astana Airport

Astana Airport is a renowned international airport of Kazakhstan. It hosts dozens of international and domestic flights daily. It is located less than 11 miles from the capital city Astana. The airport has been serving flights from Moscow, Delhi, Bangkok, London, Frankfurt, Hannover, Amsterdam, Abu Dhabi, Kiev, Vienna, Beijing, and Seoul. However, if you are already in Kazakhstan, you can reach to this city through many domestic flights as well.

How to get around the city

Taxis are the most common means of transport to get around the city. However, you can also use the public transport system of buses to go from one place to another. In addition to this, you can also hire a car from Astana Airport and from the center of the city. However, most people pre-book or hire a car from the airport, because it is more convenient.

Things to see

Once you have hired a car, drive down the city where you will find several places to visit and enjoy your moments.

  • Baiterek Tower - Locally, this tower is known as “Chupa Chups” because of its resemblance to the lollipop. This tower is a great example of futuristic architecture in this city. Keep in mind that this city is not very old, and the government of Kazakhstan is building this capital city. This tower is 97 meters in height and on reaching the top of this building; you will have a great view of the city and its surroundings. An art gallery, restaurant, and aquariums are also present in this tower.
  • Khan Shatyr - This is a unique place to visit. It is actually a huge transparent tent that can hold up to 10, 000 people. The base of this structure is covering more area than the total area of 10 football stadiums. It has a park, entertainment area, cobbled streets, mini golf, indoor beach resort, boating river, and a shopping area. If you are visiting Astana with your family, this place would be the best for you.
  • Duman - It is another fun place to go. You will find 3D theatre, cafes, souvenir shops, dome area, and an Oceanarium. The peculiar thing about this aquarium is that it is located around 3,000 km far away from the ocean, still it has over 2000 sea creatures.

There are tons of other places to visit and things to do in Astana. After leaving the airport in your rental car, you will find fun in every corner of this city. Especially, if you are visiting here with family, you will find many modern wonders and entertainment that will make your holidays memorable.

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