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Meet & Greet Location, Port-bouet Abidjan, 01 Bp 2366 (Ivory Coast)
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Car Hire Abidjan Airport

Abidjan Airport that is also known as Port Bouet Airport is the largest international airport in the Cote d’lvoire. The airport hosts most of the air traffic and located just 16 km away from the Abidjan City in the southeast. The national airline of this country is also using this airport as its main hub.

Every year, many people enter this city for a visit or business purposes of the entire world. They stay here, get around this city, and spend time interacting locals by many means during their visit. This article will tell about you, about the potential hazards you could possibly face as a non-local person.

  • Military checkpoints - This is the main issue for the foreigners. However, generally, these are harmless for the visitors, but it could be a problem if you are French or travelling in your private or rental car. However, while visiting in the car, you can get out of trouble with the help of some bribes. They have French involvement in Cote d’lvoire, and due to this people of Cote d’lvoire usually disdain if you are French.
  • Carjacking on signals - If you have a rental car and driving the city late at night, you will notice that most locals do not consider red traffic light. There have been reports that if person stop for the sake of the law, the incidence of carjacking occurs. Hence, you must be watchful while travelling late at night, particularly at signals.
  • City Shutdown - It is another thing that you must keep in your mind that this city shuts down till 5:00 AM from midnight. All main exits and entry points of this city are getting barricade. Therefore, make sure that you are inside the city before midnight and save yourself from many related troubles.
  • Pick-pocketing - It is another thing to be watchful of. It is a common problem of major cities, especially in the crowded places. Therefore, you need to be watchful when you are at a place with many people around.
  • Problem for women - If you are a lady, you must be extra conscious. However, it doesn’t mean that this city is unsafe for women, instead it is pretty good except for little things. The first thing is that on interacting with local persons you will find them way too friendly and charming and you might find yourself suffocating for their too much attention. Just tell them that you are not interested and not go too friendly with your attitude. The other thing is that you must not be unaccompanied during night, if you have to go out at that time.

Other than these problems, you will find this city full of amusement and fun. Take a rental car or use any other local transport from Abidjan Airport and enjoy your vacations in this city.

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