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India is one of the largest and most populous country, which is located in South Asia, Indian architecture is quite interesting and creative, starting from Taj Mahal to Mughal architectures, South Indian sculptures, their religious land marks and many more. India has a good economy and a very talented youth; they are promoting their land towards travel and tourism. Indian music and theatres are a regular part of their entertainment, Bollywood movies are famous all over the world and their traditional music adds more value to their culture. Indians are very good in arts and literature, you can find a river of knowledge in their libraries and old Sanskrit books, their festivals are quite different, which shows their religious impact and their cultural norms.

You can find variety of nice hotels in India, amongst the most well-known are hotels in Agra and Rajasthan, Oberoi Hotels and resorts comes in global competition and many tourists from various parts of the world come to visit the beautiful resorts of Oberoi Hotels. People of India are very much welcoming and traditional; their common activities include dancing, singing and sports, one of the most famous dance styles is Kathak. Their festivals are full of fun and entertainment like Diwali, Holi, Mahaveer Jayanthi and many more, such events keep them happy and busy. Their traditional marriages are also very much fascinating; it contains a series of events. If you want to get the benefits and real joy of resorts and beach life, you can visit Goa, many people came there for vacations and enjoyment. Goa is a wonderful place with nice resorts and attractive nightlife. Similarly, Bangalore is another nice place to visit, Bangalore is known as the IT hub, it is famous for business tours and corporate stays. On the other hand, Delhi is famous for its historical and classical look, you can find various traditional markets and old buildings, for history lovers Delhi is an attractive place.